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How can I make my rooftop tent more comfortable?

Nice that you found this article. Are you wondering how you can make your roof top tent even more comfortable? That’s exactly what I want to explain to you in this article. This will make your next camping trip with your roof rack tent even more beautiful and relaxing.

In order to create a cozy atmosphere in your roof rack tent, it is particularly important that you choose the right location. The right environment or the right view in the morning or evening can increase the comfort factor a lot. It is also important that you make the interior of the roof top tent cozy and according to your ideas.

I’ve been on the road with my car and my roof top tent for many years. I have learned a lot, how you can make the nights but also the days cozy. If you read on now, I am sure that I can give you some good and practical tips for your next camping trip.

Here are my best tips that I can give you to make your roof top tent camping even more comfortable

The location

The right location where you park your car and where you set up your roof top tent is very important in order to have a good time. Find a suitable location for your vehicle already at home. To do this, you can search for reports from other campers on the internet, for example. If the campground got a lot of bad reviews in the various forums, you should perhaps consider choosing another location or another campground in the national park.

If you have decided on a campground, you should pay attention to where you park your car and set up your roof top tent. It’s best to pitch your tent where you don’t have many neighbors. Also choose a location that is far away from streets or other sources of noise. Nothing is worse than being woken up at night by the noise of an engine or other people.

Also choose a location that offers a great view, for example of a beautiful river or a great meadow. So you are immediately relaxed when you get up in the morning and get out of your tent. If you go to bed or get up with a great view, you will feel better and your mood will rise.

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No stress

In order to experience a relaxed camping weekend, it is important that you start the journey comfortably. Stress means that you cannot really enjoy the drive and the camping weekend. Plan the route you want to take to your destination in good time. Have all the necessary and important road maps ready for you so that you don’t have to search long on the day of departure. Program your navigation device a day in advance if you want to be guided by a navigation device.

Think about where you would like to take a break beforehand, for example to have lunch or to refuel. So you have a precise plan and you don’t have to hurry to find a gas station or a restaurant where you can eat something.

Find out in good time about the location where you would like to camp. Visit the website of the national park or campground to find out in advance whether it is currently open for campers. Which regulations apply in the park and what costs you have to pay when entering. This means that no nasty surprises can appear at the destination.

Pack your car the day before. This way you can avoid a lot of stress. If you only load your car on the day of departure, it can quickly become very hectic and stressful, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

Also have a small snack or a couple of chocolate bars ready that you can quickly eat in the car when you notice that you are getting hungry. It is also important that you always have enough water next to you. Nothing is worse when you have to stop and search your trunk for the bottle of water.

The interior

Make yourself as comfortable as you can in your roof top tent! This includes cozy blankets or your favorite pillow. Think about whether you want to sleep in a sleeping back or prefer to take your duvet with you from home. Most of the time, sleeping bags are not as comfortable as your usual blanket or pillow from home.

You should also pay attention to a soft surface. If it’s too hard, you might get back pain the next day. So choose a soft mattress or a soft and sufficiently large air mattress. It is best to test which model you like best at home. For example, you can order two or three different air mattresses from amazon, test them extensively at home and send back the air mattresses that you don’t like or are uncomfortable.

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Here are some great camping air mattresses you need to test out!

Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress
Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress
Japanese Futon Mattress

A good flashlight or camping lantern

If you are in the tent in the evening or outside in the dark, it is very important that you take the correct flashlight with you. Even if you are sitting in the tent and want to make yourself comfortable and maybe even read your favorite book, you need light. We therefore recommend that you think of sufficient light sources. Get at least two good flashlights, a camping lantern, and a headlamp. Make sure you have enough batteries!

Cozy warmth

The nights in the roof top tent can be cold and uncomfortable, even if it is warm during the day. That’s why I recommend you to avoid cold nights. You can also get a small electric heater that you put in your tent. If you have an annex on your roof top tent, you can also place a gas heater in the annex which then conducts the heat into your bedroom. But always make sure there is enough fresh air. It can be very dangerous if carbon monoxide gas builds up in your tent! Therefore, you should also have a carbon monoxide gas warning device in your roof top tent, which in the worst case will warn you with a loud alarm so that you can react quickly.

It is best to find out about the nighttime temperatures at your destination before you leave. This gives you enough time to prepare for the temperatures and possibly buy a heater.

Of course, there is also the option of generating the electricity for an electric heater yourself. If you let the electric heater run on the battery of your vehicle, it can quickly happen that the battery of your vehicle is empty and you can no longer start your vehicle.

A better option is, for example, to take an extra car battery with you, which you can charge via solar panels during the day, for example, and then use the electricity generated in this way at night for your heating or other electrical devices. So you don’t have to strain the battery of your car and, in the worst case, you don’t have to run out of electricity to start your vehicle.

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Modern solar panels are now so well developed that two panels are enough to charge one or two car batteries during the day. You can build yourself a construction at home that you can quickly attach to your vehicle and that you can easily transport in the trunk. When you arrive at the campground, you can quickly attach your solar panels, align it towards the sun and connect it to the extra car battery.

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Don’t forego some comfort

Even when you are in nature, you should not do without the necessary comfort that will keep you happy. For example, do you love coffee or tea? Then bring everything with you to be able to prepare a decent coffee in nature. There are so many things that could brighten up your day, it can also be your favorite book, the delicious spice you have in your kitchen at home, or a practical camping shower. At home, make up your mind which amenities you definitely don’t want to do without.

Here you will find the best camping coffee machines

The right food

Food is the most important. Nobody can go to bed with an empty stomach. The right food provides you with energy and lifts the mood while camping. Also make sure that you pack your favorite drink. If you like to drink cola or a beer in the evening, be sure to pack enough of it. It can be so cozy to look at the stars with your favorite drink or to look at the lake in the evening.

Always take enough food with you. It is best to plan how much you need at home. Also think about the right breakfast and coffee. Also pack enough soups. Nobody likes a barbecue evening without sausages or steaks with sauce!

Enough clothes and shoes

Take enough clothes and shoes with you. It can always be that it is raining or that your clothes or shoes get wet or dirty. Nobody wants to walk around in wet or dirty clothes or shoes. You should also pack your favorite clothes for the night. Do you like to sleep in pajamas or in a t-shirt? Then don’t forget to pack these things.


In order to make yourself really comfortable in the tent or roof top tent, it is important that you think about which comfort you do not want to do without at home. Think about how important a good blanket is to you at night. But it is also important to think about the right food in order to experience a cozy camping weekend.