How Do I Keep My Rooftop Tent Dry

Whether a Rooftop Tent or a Ground Tent, it gets wet or watery and becomes terribly bad to sleep in at times. But there are very few necessary guidelines and precautions required to be followed in order to avoid such a situation in which the tent becomes impossible to go into. Specifically, in this regard Rooftop Tents are the easiest Tents to be kept dry and clean. This blog has deeply looked into the matter and brought about all the necessary guidelines, precautions and ways to keep a Rooftop Tent dry and clean.

Rooftop Tents have become the most interesting trend among Campers, Off-roaders and Adventurers of Nature. Almost every one of them who has an eye for an out of world camping experience has a Rooftop Tent of a kind.

Rooftop Tents do bring all the exciting features and enjoyments with them but with them comes a very important responsibility as well which is the maintenance and care of the Rooftop Tent. A Rooftop Tent is supposed to be cared properly as per the guidelines to keep it viable and enjoyable for long time.

To keep a Rooftop Tent dry and clean, there are some guidelines, precautions and accessories to know about. These accessories normally come with a top quality Rooftop Tent but sometimes one has to arrange them manually with the Rooftop Tent.

The accessories which are required to keep a Rooftop Tent dry and clean are Anti-condensation Mat, Portable or Box Fan, Boot Bag and a Heater. Apart from these accessories, there are some guidelines and precautions as well which will help and guide you how to keep your Rooftop Tent dry and clean.

Necessary Accessories For A dry tent

There are some really necessary Accessories mentioned below which play absolutely vital role in keeping your Rooftop Tent dry and clean. These accessories shall be used properly to the fullest according to their functions to make sure that the Tent is dry, clean and perfect to get into.

  1. Anti-condensation Mat:
  • An Anti-condensation Mat comes with the Rooftop Tents most of the times. If your tent does not contain one, then surely get one before planning a trip out.
  • The function of an Anti-condensation is to keep the Tent dry as the process of condensation starts naturally and normally as you enter your tent.
  • The Anti-condensation Mat circulates airflow between the roof or ceiling and the mattress of your tent reducing the moisture because of which the tent remains dry.
  • The Anti-condensation Mat should be laid beneath the mattress or on the floor if there is no mattress and it will keep the tent dry as it does.
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Anti-condensation Mat
  1. Portable or Box Fan:
  • A small Portable or Box Fan is also very necessary. It does two functions which are keeping the tent cool and better while camping in summers as well as keeps the tent dry at night time when there are chances of increasing moisture because of dew, rain etc.
  • A Portable is any small electric fan which can be used for this function specifically. It’s a chargeable electric fan which is small in size and that’s why it doesn’t disturb one neither with weight nor with electricity availability at the time of usage.
  • A Box Fan is a small Fan more like the shape of a square box. It is used inside the tent while camping as well as to dry the tent after washing it.
Box Fan
  1. Boot Bags:
  • A pair of Boot Bags keeps your tent dry and clean by holding your shoes that you wear while hiking or trekking.
  • This is a very important accessory, because of which your tent can be saved from mud, must and mildew.
  • The Boot Bags are made hung outside the tent to the ladder or a specific hook and upon arriving the tent from hiking, trekking or simple walking, the boots or shoes are put in these bags to avoid entering the tent with muddy and dirty shoes making it dirty and wet.
Boot Bag for your shoes


  • Buy a Rooftop Tent which is waterproof and does not get leakages whatsoever even in rainy and harsh weathers.
  • If your Rooftop Tent gets wet or watery, place it to the sunshine while you go out hiking or trekking and as you come back it will have got dry.
  • Use a fan be it portable or that of ceiling and place your Rooftop Tent infront of it in such a way that the Tent’s both gates are open and the air blows through the gates of your Rooftop Tent.
  • Buy the Rooftop Tent which you think is the best one in terms of quality of the material used in it such as polyester, polyurethane, fiberglass, nylon or canvas.
  • A Rooftop Tent which is made up of low quality material will have lesser resistance against water and moisture making the tent wet and bad.
  • Buy all the necessary accessories which will keep your Rooftop Tent dry and clean.
  • Do take these necessary accessories with yourself while going out on the trip.
  • Pick the best picnic spot for your car high from water or watery ground so that your car is safe as well as your Rooftop Tent.
  • Always, wash your tent after returning from a trip and then properly dry it.
  • Double check the box of the tent and place it somewhere safe and protected from water or moisture.
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  • Never forget to have an Anti-condensation Mat, Portable Fan and Boot Bags while setting out on the first day of the trip.
  • One of the first things if you are having a Rooftop Tent and you are using it regularly, is that never ever pack a tent when it’s wet, watery, washed or a tent in which a trip has just been spent.
  • Do not be careless about drinks, fluids and other liquors of any type within your Rooftop Tent such as a liquid getting spilt in your Rooftop Tent.
  • Do not forget to close the ceiling before going to sleep. Some people open up the ceiling or roof of the tent to stargaze and forget to close it back and sleep away. That’s very dangerous for the tent specifically if the weather is like if it’ll rain any second.

If you are ever interested in asking us the best Rooftop Tent which remains dry or can be kept dry for a long time, then go through our page and find yourself a best Rooftop Tent. If you want to know about the accessories mentioned in this post, then since they are also on this page so visit the required section for it. About keeping your Rooftop Tent dry, read and follow all the guidelines mentioned above and practically follow them with focus that time when your tent is in that bad situation of not getting dry.