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How To Start The Morning In A Rooftop Tent?

Do you desire to gaze at the stars along with some fresh air? Outdoor experiences are unmatched and often one of the most common experiences many people seek. Camping out in the woods builds eventful adventure in tents or while using the RV for a holiday. New advancements have also come through rooftop tents which increase the magic of your holiday experiences by offering you a comfortable space compared to sleeping on the ground and giving a refreshing view of the night and early mornings.

Rooftop tents are popular with some campers because of their comfortable night rest without interruption and ease of setting up. The ability to provide this comfort and security attracts campers because of the convenience presented even with the mobility of your vehicle. This may be an option you can consider if you want to try a new form of adventure and especially if you love comfort or prefer to stay off the ground.

Waking Up in a Rooftop Tent

Waking up in a rooftop tent is one of the greatest experiences because of the comfort first. You can sleep on a cozy, flat surface with minimal interruptions like insects or dirt on your bedding when you wake up. You can also catch a beautiful view while on the rooftop tent because of the elevated nature of the tent.


Comfort is the best experience one can wish for, and for this particular type of rooftop tent, you can easily go about your mornings and days without any bother. The rooftop tents are easy to break down and set up; therefore, if you have a busy day, it only takes close to five minutes to break down the whole tent, making it very efficient and convenient to start your day’s activities. The rooftop tent does not need a lot of trouble after setting it up as long as you have a good amount of roof racks that can fully support your tent before pitching it.

How to Start Your Morning

You can start your mornings by catching the sunrise on an elevated platform from the ground, which can be breathtaking. These few minutes you could use to plan for the day before deciding to close it or break it down.

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Of course, you should start the day comfortably before starting a new adventure. A rooftop tent offers you the advantage that you can make yourself a leisurely breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. Since you sit so high in your rooftop tent, you can really relax and enjoy the beautiful nature while drinking your coffee and eating your breakfast.

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Since a rooftop tent is very stable, you can have a cozy breakfast in the tent. You can also make coffee with a small electric coffee machine or make a complete breakfast like at home.

Plan the day

Now that you’ve had a leisurely breakfast, you can plan the day perfectly. What would you like to do today? Are you planning a hike or a fishing trip, or would you like to drive to the nearest lake?

You can plan all of this comfortably in your rooftop tent and think carefully about where you want to park your car tonight and set up the roof tent.

Before breaking it down, you must ensure you have all your essential items to use for the day before moving forward.

  • Ensure all your luggage is removed from the rooftop and securely put in the storage area. This will help you avoid any distractions while driving for the day. This will only take a few minutes as not much luggage stays on the rooftop.
  • Close the tent by tucking in the fabric that may be hanging and also compress the bedding, which will help you zip the tent with less struggle. Often, the straps may damage the tent covered; therefore, you must ensure that the rubbing points have some extra material.
  • Wipe any wet areas of the tent. Dampness can destroy your tent; thus, you must ensure that after a rainy night or the morning dew, you wipe the wet areas before closing them down. Open the tent when the weather changes since dampness can easily destroy the tent and your bedding if left for a long time. Therefore, you must ensure that the tent is dry before closing it.
  • After closing it, ensure that the locks are set in place and can offer you no disturbance when back on the road. Safety locks pin it properly at the front and the back, so you have nothing to worry about while on the road.
  • You have to ensure that even in closing or setting your tent up, you do so in a way that does not damage the tent. Good care will see your roof tent last for years. And so, every morning, while breaking it down or closing it, ensure that you follow the steps carefully despite the rush ahead.
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You have to consider the type of tent you are using. Below are some of the features to look out for:

  • Size. Good fitting is necessary to ensure proper comfort for you during your stay. Therefore size and fitting should be paramount in your search for a good tent. You also have to keep your car’s shape in mind and take extra caution if you need alternative crossbars for your fitting and how best you can fix it.
  • Proper installation of the rooftop tent. Many rooftop tents have clear guidelines in the installation process; therefore, setting up cannot be hard. However, you must counter-check each step to ensure you do not miss a step in the process. This is essential to avoid any instance of harm to you while using it.
  • Ventilation. It is an essential aspect that one can consider, especially if you want to feel the fresh flow of air. You can choose a rooftop tent with at least a window that will have you breathing comfortably and experiencing a great feel of the breeze around you.

Other factors include the following:

  • Level surface. Ensure your car is parked on a leveled surface, as there are instances of a tent rolling out due to uneven surfaces. You can carry extra blocks of wood or stone to help you with the setup by leveling the car up.
  • Use comfortable beddings and pillows that cannot interfere with the tent poles while closing. You can avoid inflatable pillows and beds that may present a difficult task while setting it up, especially in terms of space.
  • Choose a strategic place for setting up your tent. You can move your car where there is less disturbance from wind which may not be conducive. This may easily cause instability or not provide the comfort intended.
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Special Features in Contrast to Ground Tents

Rooftop tents are highly considered ground tents because of these features:

  • Rooftop tents can easily withstand high wind speeds, which may lift ground tents. To avoid the high-speed winds for ground tents, you will need deep anchoring to your tents and ensure that it is perfectly stable.
  • Fewer interruptions. People tend to sleep more comfortably in rooftop tents compared to ground tents because you have less interruption by insects or animals and also wet grounds. There is also less chance for you to come into contact with dirt which can be a nuisance.
  • Comfort. Most rooftop tents come with an inbuilt mattress which offers great comfort and thus gives you less trouble figuring out how to put your bedding.
  • Durability. Rooftop tents are often durable and long-lasting, meaning they can serve you for longer periods and in various weather conditions.
  • Mobility. You can easily move around with the rooftop tent without worrying about storage and breaking it down every time you move. This offers great convenience for you to move without any difficulty.

Closing thoughts

You can opt for the rooftop tent for your adventure. It is among the best ways to increase comfort while having outdoor adventures. With the right fit and size for your car, you can get your rooftop tent to help you enjoy your holiday to the maximum. Ensure you have the correct fit and that your roof racks are the correct size and strong enough. From the various types of tents, you can choose any type you want and ensure that you check out the different factors to consider in setting up camp. Rooftop tents could make your mornings outdoors memorable and thus worth considering.