best tips for solo camping

13 Tips To Make Your Solo Camping Trip Fun

Are you planning a solo camping trip and not sure if solo camping is good? In this post, I would like to give you a few tips on the subject of solo camping from my personal experiences.

Camping holidays are above all a love of nature and fresh air. But because camping is much more than just sitting in front of the tent or RV and enjoying the sun, I have put together the best solo camping activities for you. The spectrum ranges from wonderful hikes in every season to canoe tours to fishing and bushcrafting.

When I first planned a solo camping trip, I also asked myself whether it would be fun to go camping alone… I can already tell you, solo camping is great, but also something completely different than when you go camping with your friends or family.

With solo camping you definitely have more time for yourself, you have more time for your own hobbies, and also more time to think about all kind of stuff. So you can’t really compare solo camping to camping in a group, or with your family. You just do other things, things that YOU enjoy.

The advantages of solo camping

A solo camping trip has many advantages that you cannot experience in a larger group or with your family. Starting with the freedom you have to do things or take trips that you can’t do in a group because you always have to coordinate in a group.

For example, you can get up when you want, or go to bed when you want. What do you have to eat today? You can grill or cook whatever food you like over the campfire. So you don’t have to be considerate of other members.

Would you like to fish all day or would you rather hike all day long? No problem, if you go solo camping you can do whatever you want… all day long… and that’s great!

You can also do the favorite activities you want to do and do them for as long as you want.

Solo camping with the ground tent, rooftop tent, or RV?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter how you camp. Regardless of whether you are traveling with a ground tent or with a vehicle-based sleeping spot. There are great campsites where you can be alone. But there are also larger campgrounds that allow you to meet new people.

Check out the website of your nearest national park. There you will also find information about the occupancy of the respective campground.

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So it doesn’t depend on how you spend the night, it rather depends on what you do with your free time during the day.

Of course, you have more comfort in the RV. But it always depends on your personal taste. Solo camping with a ground tent or rooftop tent is also very good.

For example, if you are out and about with the ground tent, you can pack up your tent every morning and walk or drive to the next camping spot.

If you are traveling with a rooftop tent, you do not have quite as much comfort as in an RV, but the advantage of a rooftop tent is that you are very mobile and can sleep wherever your vehicle goes.

Here are my top 13 activities to do on a solo camping trip

Here I would like to show you my personal top 13 activities that I do during a solo camping tour. Of course, you have your own ideas about a camping trip or you have other hobbies. Maybe you can try these activities.

Mountain bike tour

Mountain bike tour

Do you have a possibility to take your mountain bike with you? Mountain biking is a great way to explore the area. If you are a mountain bike fan, solo camping gives you enough time to explore nature the way YOU want to.

You can choose the routes that you like and that suit your needs.

But you always have to be careful when you are alone on a mountain bike tour. If you fall, for example, there is no one there who can help you quickly. Therefore, you should always think about an emergency situation!

Water hiking, sailing, or canoeing while solo camping

Stand Up Paddling

Water is a medium that magically casts a spell over many campers. Holidays by the sea, lake or river are very popular. This opens up a wide range of leisure activities that people are happy to take advantage of. In addition to the classic bathing fun, there are worthwhile alternatives in the middle of nature.

Water hiking on a larger river would be conceivable. For example, you can use a stand-up board or a canoe. Explore the landscape by water. Stop where you want and stay where you want. So if you have a major river in the area, this would be a great and offbeat way to explore the countryside.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is now beyond trend status. Whether on a river or on a lake – Stand Up Paddling can be done in many places. Discovering the water for yourself in this way is a lot of fun and promotes fitness.

Hiking tour

multi day hiking

Discover nature with its numerous plants, trees, and bushes, and let your soul dangle while hiking. If you are lucky, you will also see one or the other free-living animal.

You should only decide in advance for an official hiking trail. During the hike, you can try to make stops, possibly at a lake, a campfire site, or a waterhole.

Multi-day hike

multi day hiking

Here you have the possibility to plan a multi-day tour. Here you can think of a route that you would like to hike. It is best to take a suitable tent, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad with you, which you can stow in a trekking backpack. You also have to think about enough water and food.

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Choose the route carefully and also plan that you may not be able to progress as quickly as you think. You should also keep in mind that it can rain. Make sure to be prepared for all situations.



Bushcrafting is something completely different. Just you and nature. So actual bushcrafting is less about the equipment and more about spending time in nature.

The natural things around you take on a very special meaning when bushcrafting, precisely because you have very little equipment with you apart from the bushcraft knife (which is one of the most important pieces of equipment in bushcrafting).

If you want to or can sleep outside anyway and do without comfort, then you can combine this adventure directly with something useful and do handicrafts or build something yourself outside in the free hours.

Gathering edible plants, fruits, and mushrooms


Special equipment: knife, container, backpack, or basket for storing the collected loot

Collecting mushrooms and fruits such as wild raspberries is one of the outdoor activities that I remember from my childhood days. As a child, I used to go to the forest with my parents and grandparents, collecting baskets of mushrooms.

In addition to mushrooms or raspberries, which can only be found seasonally, there are other fruits or usable herbs, plants, or plant parts that can also be collected all year round.

But always be careful with mushrooms or fruits. If you don’t know your way around, it can quickly become dangerous. You can take a book with you that you can use to identify the individual plants and mushrooms.



If you are a fan of fishing, then a solo camping trip is ideal. You can sit by the lake or river as long as you like. You have enough time to think or to relax.

When you have caught a fish, you can spend a cozy evening around the campfire.

You can also enjoy a book or podcast while fishing.

Chill out in the hammock

camping hammock

There are days when you just want to hang out all day, chill and do nothing but let yourself be swayed by the gentle breeze. This is best done in a hammock.

Outdoor hammocks are lightweight and extremely small when packed. They are so small and light that they can even be easily carried in a trekking backpack. So it’s no wonder that many long-distance hikers prefer the hammock to the hard sleeping pad on the ground when spending the night outdoors.

Nature photography


Like most people, you will probably always have your smartphone with you anyway. With modern smartphones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, wonderful pictures can be taken.

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Nature photography is an outdoor activity that encourages exercise in the fresh air and creativity in equal measure.

Of course, if you have a professional DSLR camera, then you should take it with you and go hiking and photograph the most beautiful places, animals, and landscapes.

When you later have found the most beautiful pictures at home, you can share them in various forums, for example, or you can start your own blog by presenting your photos. There are many people who would like to see your unique photos!

Watch the stars


You can see the stars even better in nature because there is not as much disturbing light as in the city. Just lie down on the lawn or in the camping hammock and look at the stars for hours.

You can also take a telescope or a camera with you to take a closer look at the stars or to take pictures. Of course, if you want to take photos of the stars or planets, don’t forget a tripod!

Go swimming


If you are at a lake or river, you can use the solo camping trip to swim extensively. Take as much time as you want. You can also take a fitness watch with you to document your success.

ATV tour


Do you have the possibility to take an ATV or quad with you? If you drive to the camp ground with your vehicle, you can attach a small trailer on which you can take an ATV or quad.

You can explore the area by ATV or quad and also drive off the beaten track. But you should inquire beforehand whether it is allowed if you are allowed to drive off-road with the quad or ATV.



Away from public campsites, you can take a bow or crossbow and set up various targets and improve your ground shooting skills.

You can find various bows and crossbows at various online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. If you’re not a pro yet, you don’t need expensive gear to have fun.

Here are a few bonus tips on solo winter camping

When you think of winter camping, you might think of images of hardy campers braving freezing winds and freezing temperatures to enjoy the solitude that only nature can provide. That does not have to be that way!

With a little knowledge about how to pack for your trip and what security measures are necessary, you too can experience a camping holiday with wellness, activities such as skiing or dining out. That’s why we recommend you try solo winter camping for yourself.

I have made a small list for you with activities that you can do while winter camping:

  • Ice skating
  • A day of skiing
  • Ride a sled
  • Build a snowman
  • Take a spa day
  • Try a new sport
  • Go snowshoeing in the snowy woods
  • Go up the mountain with touring skis
  • Go on a mountain bike tour on snow and ice
  • Sitting by the campfire, grilling marshmallows, and drinking hot tea


So you see, you can also have a lot of fun with solo camping. You don’t always need to go camping with a large group or your family. Solo camping can be very relaxing as you have so much time to yourself, plenty to think about, and only have to do the activities YOU enjoy.

I wish you lots of fun on your solo camping tour!