the smallest roof top tent

What Is The Smallest Rooftop Tent?

Do you have a small car or do you want to be able to lift the rooftop tent onto the roof of the car without any help? Then a small rooftop tent makes a lot of sense.

Even if you mostly go camping alone or with just two people, a small rooftop tent is ideal.

The smallest rooftop tent offers a variety of advantages, and you should consider this when shopping for a rooftop tent. The small size nature of a rooftop tent does not suggest a compromise on quality and durability.

What is the smallest rooftop tent?

The best example of one of the smallest and lightest rooftop tents is the Skycamp Mini which weighs 125lbs (57kg).

This rooftop tent is ideal if you go camping alone or with a maximum of two people. This rooftop tent is very small, very light, and can easily be lifted onto the car roof by just one person.

What are the exact advantages of small rooftop tents?

  • Small rooftop tents are fast and easy to set up and take down. When it comes to setting up small rooftop tents, it is easy since you will only need to open the container and unfold the tent. Once done, you will quickly fold the tent into a container since the tent is small.
  • They are more affordable. The cost of purchasing a small rooftop tent is lower than the bigger one since its structure is simple and uses less tent material.
  • They can fit on various vehicles because they are lightweight, and big and small cars can handle them.
  • Small rooftop tents are lightweight, which saves on fuel costs. Long-distance travelers mostly prefer them because they weigh less and hence less fuel consumption on the vehicle.
  • They are comfortable and secure. The small rooftop tents are made of heavy-duty material and can comfortably fit up to two people, safe from petty thieves and insects.

Which are the smallest rooftop tents?

The following is a list of the smallest rooftop tents by weight and dimension that you can consider buying.

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1. IKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini

It is the smallest and most famous of all rooftop tents. Skycamp 3.0 mini is ideal for you if you want to save space on your car’s roof rack. The tent material is high-density poly-cotton canvas, waterproof zippers with rainfly convertible windows.

It has an insulating, polyfoam, big comfy mattress. It is easy to set up and can accommodate two people. Like most small rooftop tents, IKamper Skycamp 3.0 mini is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles because of its small size and weight of 125 lbs (57kg). It is perfect to handle any weather condition and you can easily camp out without worrying anytime.

2. Thule Basin Tent

It is a rooftop tent that auto-deploys and doubles as a cargo carrier, making it one of the best-recommended rooftop tents. Thule Basin tent weighs 208lbs. 144 oz. with two doors and can accommodate a maximum capacity of two people.

It has a foam mattress with a removable cover that adds extra comfort. Its floor dimensions are 84.25 x 55.11 x 43 inches. Thule Basin tents are easy to install and set up for use. The insulated roof regulates temperature and reduces noise, making it perfect for all weather conditions.

The canopy fabric is made of cotton and polyester coat that is waterproof, ensuring the durability of the Thule Basin tents.

3. Campoint Aluminium Triangle Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

It is a small rooftop tent that can accommodate up to 3 people. Campoint Aluminium Hard Shell Rooftop Tent weighs 150 pounds. It is triangular and has three doors with extra-large rainfly, poles, and a ladder.

The floor dimension of this tent is 81x49x60 inches, which fits 2 inches mattress. The four sides of the tents are made from aluminum and are easy to set up.

The material of this small tent is canvas, polyester fabric, and polyurethane which is waterproof and provides UV protection best for all weather conditions.

4. SMRT Tent Sky Loft Tent

It is a small rooftop tent that weighs around 147 pounds with a sleeping capacity of 2 people. The floor dimensions of the SMRT Tent Sky Loft Tent are 82 x 52 inches with three doors. It is lightweight and comes with all stainless steel installation hardware. The canopy fabric is made of polyester and cotton, which can resist weather conditions, dry quickly, and is breathable. The floor fits a high-density 2.5-inch mattress with a comfortable, removable mattress cover. SMRT tent sky loft tent is durable and can be used in all seasons.

Here we have a table with the smallest and best rooftop tents. Here you can see the most important data and you can easily compare the information.

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IKamper Skycamp 3.0 mini
  • Dimensions: 83″ x 52″ (29.9 sq ft)
  • Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
Thule Basin
  • Dimensions: 81 x 51 square feet
  • Weight: 208 lbs. 14.4 oz.
Campoint Aluminium Triangle Hard Shell Rooftop Tent
  • Dimensions: 81×49 inches
  • Weight: 150 lbs
SMRT Tent Sky Loft Tent
  • Dimensions: 82 x 52 inches
  • Weight: 147 lbs

Can you install a small rooftop tent on the vehicle roof yourself?

Yes, you can install a small rooftop tent on the vehicle roof yourself. The easiest way of installation is by using a hoist. You can use several steps as a guide to properly install a small rooftop tent.

If you are alone and want to lift the rooftop tent onto your vehicle, you can use this hoist for the garage. It is of course also possible with this lift system to remove the rooftop tent from the vehicle without any problems. This system is multifunctional and can be used for rooftop boxes as well as rooftop tents.

The first and most important step is setting up the roof rack, which determines the amount of weight the roof will handle. The next step is to get the tent on the rack, which is easy since small tents are lightweight and can lift you.

Ensure even balance out the weight throughout the roof. Finally, it would be best to practice putting it down and up to understand the movements yourself. Installing a small rooftop tent is easy; you can do it by yourself by following the simple steps above.

Can the small rooftop tents also be mounted on a very small car?

You can put small rooftop tents in most small cars. The only guiding rule for mounting rooftop tents is that it should not exceed the car’s maximum roof weight limit. Do not put a small rooftop tent if your small car rooftop load limit is under 165lbs.

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Small car roof weight will only handle a small rooftop tent. You can tell the ability of a tiny car by taking technical measurements. Knowing your car’s length and width is essential for safety purposes. You should also see the roof rack and rail’s weight limits. The weight limits of small car roof rack rails can only handle tiny rooftop tents such as IKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini. Even the lightest rooftop tents contribute to the overall weight of the car.

For example, it is easily possible to mount one of the rooftop tents mentioned above on vehicles such as Mini Cooper, Suzuki Swift, VW Golf, etc.

Why is weight so important in a small rooftop tent?

The weight of a small rooftop tent is essential because most people pick small rooftop tents for their lightweight nature. The weight includes the tent’s weight, occupants, and the gears inside the tent.

A small car can only be fitted with a rooftop tent whose weight is equivalent to the permissible roof load. Some limits govern the weight load on a vehicle, and small rooftop tents are mounted on cars. A small rooftop tent’s weight contributes to a small car’s overall weight.

Ensuring the weight is evenly distributed is crucial for balance and safety measures. Your vehicle will consume less fuel if mounted with a small rooftop tent that weighs less.

Why should you value brand quality even with a small rooftop tent and not buy the cheapest rooftop tent?

It is essential to ensure the brand quality of a small rooftop tent is the best. Compromising brand quality and purchasing the cheapest tent is not recommended. A cheap rooftop tent may seem convenient at a particular time when one is low on cash, but the quality of the tent material will not serve you for an extended period. The best brand quality will withstand heavy rainfall and UV light. Investing in good brand quality, even on a small rooftop, will ensure the durability and safety of the tent whenever you camp.

Take away

No matter how small your car is or how fast your car is. You can also easily mount a rooftop tent on small cars. For most vehicles, the permissible roof load is not exceeded even if a rooftop tent is installed. The most important thing is that your car has the possibility to mount roof bars or roof cross bars on the vehicle roof. The rooftop tent will be firmly attached to the vehicle on these roof cross bars.

Most small rooftop tents are durable and fit in many vehicles. The size and weight of a car determine the type of rooftop tent it can comfortably hold and balance. Weight and brand are crucial features when purchasing a small rooftop tent for your small car. Good brand quality is durable and last longer.