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We are always looking for the latest and most innovative camping products for you. Sometimes we find products that you won’t find anywhere else, or products that are completely free.

Since we are very well networked in the camping industry, we have good contacts with various companies in the camping and outdoor industry. Some companies offer a certain contingent of products completely free of charge in order to promote the specific product.

On this page we would like to show you all the top offers that we can find. It is therefore worthwhile to visit this page again and again. We regularly post new top offers here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Free doesn’t always mean free… some of the products here are free, but then you have to pay the shipping costs. Which of course is still a great deal 😉

Here are our current finds

Of course, we cannot guarantee that it is up-to-date or available! These products are mostly promotional products from different companies.

Due to the low price, or even free products, it may be that the special product or offer is sold out quickly or the promotion has ended.

We can therefore not guarantee any availability. The key here is to be quick and secure the deal!


Lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable – this pocket sized military grade Survival Wire Saw has been trusted by the United States military for over 30 years!

Precision crafted, stainless steel powerful enough to cut through bone, wood, rubber, plastic, and soft metal.

Yes, it’s 100% FREE and ready to be rush shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee…but only while supplies last so grab yours now!


Lightweight, extra strong, and reliable – this is YOUR new, concealed multi-functional survival knife belt!

The same military-grade survival technology trusted by U.S. Elite Special Forces!

This multi-functional tool puts confidence in your possession, knowing you have the life saving reliability of a high quality multi-purpose survival instrument ready at a moment’s notice.

You can get this precision-crafted, fully concealed Knife Belt for FREE! Just pay a small fee for shipping…But only while supplies last!


Known as the sharpest, most durable, and fastest drawing survival knife in the world, the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife isn’t just a stone aged cutting instrument.

Nearly indestructible and completely blood & waterproof this is the go-to survival knife for every situation!

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