Roof Rack CrossBar

To be able to mount a Roof Rack Tent, you absolutely need roof rack crossbars that you mount on the vehicle roof. The tent is then screwed and fastened onto this roof rack crossbar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work without these roof rack crossbars. Fortunately, these crossbars are not too expensive and you can even use them differently if you haven’t installed the roof rack tent on the roof. For example, you can also transport luggage or bicycles. But if you don’t need these crossbars, you can easily dismantle the crossbars and store them in your garage, for example.

In order to be able to mount your Roof Rack Tent you need these roof crossbars. But you can’t just buy and use any crossbar you want. As you can probably imagine, these mounts have to withstand quite a bit of weight. On the one hand, the Roof Rack Tent already weighs between 100 and 150lbs and then you and your family want to sleep in the tent too. Then there is also a lot of weight due to the people. So you can see that you have to pay attention to quality and permissible weight when choosing the roof rail crossbars.

We would like to help you to find the right roof rail crossbars and would like to show you our recommendations here. Please also follow our recommendations. We don’t want the tent to be torn down on the highway or collapse at night and damage your car roof.

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Car Specific Roof Rack Crossbars Buyers Guides

Ensure you choose a Roof Rack Crossbar that fits your car perfectly with our car-specific Roof Rack Crossbar Buyers Guides. We’ve tried to cover as many makes and models as we can, and we’re adding more guides all the time.

To be able to mount a Roof Rack Tent on your car roof, you need the right Roof Rack Crossbars.

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