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Roof Rack Tent Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best roof rack tent?

It depends on your needs. How much storage do you need? What’s your budget? What vehicle do you have?
We’ve put together a number of buying guides to help you decide on the best roof rack tent for you. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Should I buy a roof rack tent or is it better to rent one?

It depends on a number of personal factors including how often you think you’ll use a roof rack tent and if you’ve got room to store your roof tent when you’re not using it.

Can I fit a roof rack tent on a rental car?

You’ll need to check with your rental company. Some do allow it and others will supply a roof rack tent with the car on request.
We’ve put together a guide on this. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Are roof tents waterproof?

Most roof rack tents will keep your stuff dry, however, they are not all completely waterproof. If you want to ensure that you don’t end up with wet gear, double-check when you make your purchase that you choose one that states its waterproof credentials. Most water infiltration problems occur with the zippers of a rooftop tent.

Do I need roof bars for a roof tent?

Generally, yes. Usually, the best bet is to go for the ones the manufacturer of your vehicle makes. Alternatively, you can choose some that match the roof box if they’re available for your car. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

How long does it take to fit a roof rack tent?

Usually, it’s pretty quick once you’ve fitted the roof rack tent once. Most tents come with a simple system that clips the tent in place easily. The first time you fit your tent you will need a bit more time to adjust the fixtures so they line up with your roof bars.

Does it cost extra to take a roof rack tent on a ferry?

Usually, it doesn’t, however, most ferries will have a height restriction. We suggest you ask your ferry company for clarification on their policy on roof rack tents. Be sure to check out our guide on this. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Does a roof rack tent affect your insurance?

It can do, so it’s best to let your insurance company know that you will sometimes be using a roof rack tent on your vehicle.

Are roof rack tents secure?

Roof tents are generally more secure than cargo boxes as they have an integrated locking system. However, we wouldn’t recommend leaving anything too valuable in a roof rack tent for too long. >>Read more about roof tent security here.<<

Are roof rack tents noisy?

A roof rack tent will create a bit of extra wind noise, especially when traveling at high speeds. There are a few things you can do to reduce roof box noise. Make sure to put the cover on the rooftop tent (if your rooftop tent has a cover), but you can also use additional straps to fix the material that makes noise in the wind.

How can I store my roof rack tent when I’m not using it?

You’ve got a few options when it comes to storing your roof rack tent including using a storage system to hoist your tent above your car in your garage. >>Check out our guide to storing your roof rack tent here.<<

Are roof rack tents safe?

Yes, providing the roof rack tent is mounted to the vehicle correctly and not overloaded with too much stuff. Find out more about roof rack tent safety here. >> Click here to read the detailed answer<<

How do you clean a roof rack tent?

You can clean your roof rack tent using warm soapy water and a towel. You can also protect your roof rack tent by using a product like Polytrol to protect it from sun fading.

Can I leave my roof rack tent on my car?

You can, but it’s not ideal as it will have a negative effect on your fuel consumption. Ideally, you’ll want to remove your tent and store it when you’re not using it.
>>If you need help storing your roof rack tent, check out our roof rack tent storage guide.<<

Are roof rack tents worth it?

Yes, if you’re going to use it more than a few times a year. Investing in a good quality roof rack tent will make camping so much easier and free up trunk space for other things, like pets. With a rooftop tent, you never have to sleep on the ground again, you are extremely mobile and you can sleep wherever your vehicle goes. Rooftop tents are also warmer than ground-based tents.

How much weight can a roof rack tent take?

Some roof rack tents can take up to 500lbs if you choose the biggest version. You do need to check also check the weight limit of your car, which you’ll be able to get from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Do roof rack tents have a light?

No, they don’t, which can make camping in the dark quite difficult. There is however a solution. You can buy a simple battery-powered camping light and hang it at the sealing of the rooftop tent. >>On Amazon You Can Find The Best Camping Lights<<

Do roof rack tents increase fuel consumption?

Yes, they do. You can, however, reduce the effect a roof rack tent has on your MPG by choosing a tent that has been designed with aerodynamics as a priority. If you don’t use the rooftop tent for a long time, you should definitely remove it and stow it away safely (garage, basement, etc.).

How fast can you drive with a roof rack tent?

Most roof rack tents will be ok up to the speed limit, and most will be able to handle 70mph. The maximum speed most manufacturers state is 90mph, but check the user guide before putting your foot down too far. Other factors will also affect the maximum speed.

Can you put a roof rack tent on a panoramic roof?

Yes, generally it’s ok to attach a roof rack tent to a car with a panoramic roof, however, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer of your vehicle. 
Find out more about roof tents and panoramic roofs here. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Does a roof rack tent need to be central?

It’s not essential that your roof rack tent is mounted in the center of your roof bars. For more info, take a look at this article. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Can you go through a car wash with a roof rack tent?

No! This is likely to cause damage to your car, roof rack tent, and the car wash.

Can a roof rack tent overhang?

A little overhang is fine as long it doesn’t interfere with access to your trunk or obstruct your view when driving. >>Find out more here<<

How do you fit a roof rack tent?

It’s actually pretty easy to mount a roof rack tent on the roof of your vehicle. Most roof rack tents are attached to your vehicle at four points. Here you can read exactly how the tents are attached. >>Click Here To View The Full Article<<

Do I need a special vehicle to set up a rooftop tent?

No, theoretically you can mount a rooftop tent on (almost) any vehicle. >>Click here to read the detailed answer<<

Is it difficult to set up a rooftop tent?

No, it is not difficult to mount a rooftop tent on a vehicle. The hardest part is lifting the weight of the roof tent onto the roof. Then the rooftop tent is connected to the roof bars/crossbars of your vehicle with just a few screws. >>Click Here To View The Full Article<<

How many people can sleep in a rooftop tent at the same time?

There is no definitive answer here. There are different rooftop tent sizes. There are rooftop tents where only one person can sleep, but there are also rooftop tents for whole families. >>Click Here To View The Full Article<<

Are there different rooftop tent versions or designs?

Yes, there are basically two different roof tent designs. On the one hand, there is the hardshell rooftop tent, which has a top and bottom made of hard material, or there are also softshell rooftop tents, which are more flexible and usually offer more space. >>Here you can find out everything about hardshell rooftop tents<< and >>Here you can find out everything about softshell rooftop tents<<

Is a rooftop tent also suitable for camping in winter?

Yes, a rooftop tent is ideal for a camping trip in winter. Of course, if you want to go camping in low temperatures, you need to prepare for the low temperatures. You should take a heater with you and also a sleeping bag that is approved for low temperatures. >>You Can Find More About This Topic Here<<

Is it possible to mount a rooftop tent on a trailer?

Yes, a trailer is very suitable for installing a rooftop tent. You have to convert your trailer in such a way that a rooftop tent can be installed. >>Here we have written a complete article on how you have to convert your trailer so that a rooftop tent can be installed<<

Are rooftop tents often stolen?

Unfortunately yes. But there are various ways to make the rooftop tent theft-proof. It is relatively easy to make the theft of the roof tent more difficult with various measures. >>You can find more about this topic here<<

Safety while camping

We have created a page that contains many important tips about safety when camping. On this page, you will also find many interesting and informative articles about camping safety. >>Visit the camping safety page<<

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