The Best Way To Cool A Rooftop Tent Without Electricity

In summer it can get very hot outside in nature, and if you want to camp outdoors with your rooftop tent, you usually don’t have a suitable socket to power the mobile air conditioning system.

We all know how hot it can get in the tent when the sun has been shining on the tent all day. But it is very important that you can sleep well at night so that you have enough energy in the morning to experience another camping adventure.

In this article, I would like to show you my best tips on how it is possible to cool down the rooftop tent in summer without electricity so that you can sleep at night.

Choosing the right rooftop tent

When you buy a rooftop tent, you should think about it, that it should have enough openings to allow air to circulate. There is nothing worse than not having enough openings in the tent for fresh air to enter the tent.

Especially if you cannot open the main door of the rooftop tent, for example, because there are many mosquitoes, it is always great if the rooftop tent has enough windows and ventilation openings, which are also protected with a mosquito net against the small flying intruders.

Choose the right color

Everyone knows how hot it can get in black or dark cars. Due to the dark shade, the sun’s rays are absorbed more and the rooftop tent heats up faster and more intensely.

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So if you buy a new rooftop tent, make sure that it has a light exterior color that reflects the sun’s rays and doesn’t absorb them.

If you already own a rooftop tent, you can also lay a light-colored cloth over the roof tent during the day to keep out the sun’s rays.

dark color absorbs more heat

Hide from the sun

If possible, park your vehicle with the rooftop tent under trees or next to a large rock. A tree offers a lot of shade during the day, but also gives off a lot of moisture through the leaves. This moisture, which is released through the leaves, then acts like an air conditioner.

tree offers shadow

If there is no tree in the area, you can also park close to a rock. The size of the rock gives shade in the midday sun. This means that the rooftop tent does not heat up so much in the middle of the day and can cool down more quickly in the evening.

Use the wind to cool down

You should position your vehicle so that the rooftop ten’s entrance is directly downwind. In this way, you create a natural airflow that blows the warm air out of the roof tent.

The natural breeze also makes it feel a lot cooler at night as the wind can brush your skin and cool you down.

You can also hang wet towels in front of the rooftop tent’s entrance to increase the humidity and make the inside of the tent cooler.

cool wind

Ventilate properly

It is particularly important that you ventilate the rooftop tent properly before you go to sleep. It is best to open all openings and windows of your rooftop tent an hour before going to bed.

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It is important that you also remove the mosquito nets so that air can pass freely through the roof tent to cool the interior.

Make sure that no objects or clothing block the openings in order to achieve maximum air circulation.

Park in low spots

Parking the vehicle in low spots in the terrain will also make the night more comfortable. The hot air rises further in the evening and cool air collects in low places in the terrain.

In this way, you can noticeably lower the inside temperature of your rooftop tent. This is very convenient when it is very hot during the day.

Cover the vehicle

The rooftop tent is of course mounted on your vehicle. The vehicle naturally heats up extremely due to the sun and the metal then gives off the heat again in the evening at night.

Since the rooftop tent is mounted directly above the vehicle, the heated metal of the vehicle acts like a hotplate.

camouflage cover
You can use a camouflage net to cover the vehicle and block the sun from heating up the car or the rooftop tent.

If possible, cover the vehicle with a white bed sheet. This means that the vehicle cannot heat up so much during the day.

Of course, if there is the possibility to park in the shade during the day, this is ideal.

Bring a battery-powered fan

A battery-powered fan is also a good way to create an artificial draft inside the rooftop tent.

You can also position the battery-operated fan so that it pulls the air out of the tent.

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battery-powered fan to cool the rooftop tent

You can also buy a fan that has an internal battery. So you can charge the batteries of the fan on your vehicle during the day or you can also use a solar panel to charge the battery.

Take a cold shower

If you have the opportunity, you can also take a cold shower before going to bed. The cold water cools your body temperature and it is easier to fall asleep.

The disadvantage of a cold shower, however, is that the effect wears off quickly, as your body quickly adjusts to the ambient temperature again.

take a cold shower before going to bed

Drink lots of water and watch what you eat

When you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, your body is better able to regulate body temperature.

Avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol tends to be dehydrating, making it harder for your body to adjust to its own temperature.

You should also avoid eating greasy foods on hot evenings. For example, if you eat a salad or fruit in the evening, your body does not have to expend as much energy to digest the food.

For example, if you eat a lot of meat in the evening, your body has to work a lot to digest the food. This also means that your body produces heat and thus warms up your body further.

eat salad
On hot days it is better if you eat a salad in the evening so as not to strain your body. Salad or fruits are ideal on a hot day because your body doesn’t have to expend as much energy to digest the food.


The summer is ideal for a camping trip with the rooftop tent. But there are also disadvantages when you are out and about with the rooftop tent in summer. Especially the heat can make it very difficult to fall asleep in the evening and gather new energy for the next day.

If you are in a place that does not have a power source, you cannot connect a portable air conditioner that regulates the temperature inside the roof tent.

With these tips and tricks, you have the possibility to lower the temperature in the tent and thus make sleeping more comfortable.

It is also important that you prepare your body for the heat and make it easy for your body to regulate its own temperature.