Most Comfortable Rooftop Tent

Most Comfortable Rooftop Tents You Can Buy

If you’re looking for a place to sleep and live comfortably on your car roof while camping, then look no further. Rooftop tents are the perfect option that can be used anywhere. They’re lightweight, small enough that they won’t take up too much space, and come with features such as a mosquito net so you can enjoy being outside without risking being bitten.

Not to forget that you have a great view thanks to the elevated position of the tent on the vehicle roof.

These tents are comfortable in all kinds of conditions, whether it’s hot or cold. A rooftop tent has many advantages over a ground-based tent or even an RV. The ventilation system ensures that air circulates freely and helps remove any unpleasant smells trapped inside the tent during the day.


No time to waste? Here is our quick rooftop tent rating in regard of comfort and quality

Best comfort overall
Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex
Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex
  • For 4 people
  • Tent Annex
  • Lots of features
Best price performance
Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 with Annex
Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 with Annex
  • For 3 people
  • Tent Annex
  • Lots of features
Very good but expensive
ikamper Skycamp 3 0
iKamper Skycamp 3.0
  • Hardshell RTT
  • Good workmanship
  • Lots of features
Very good all-round roof tent
Thule Tepui Kukenam
  • Many features
  • Large interior
  • Good workmanship

Below you will also find detailed descriptions of these rooftop tents!

What do you have to look out for on a rooftop tent to buy a comfortable rooftop tent?

Nowadays there are many different manufacturers of rooftop tents. There are different types of rooftop tents, such as hardshell tents or softshell tents. You should make sure that you buy a rooftop tent that offers as much comfort as possible. So you can have fun camping for a long time.

Rooftop tents are not cheap! Therefore, you should rather invest a little more money in a good and comfortable rooftop tent in order to be able to enjoy your camping trips for a long time.

Here I would like to show you the most important things you have to pay attention to when you are looking for a comfortable rooftop tent.

The larger the tent, the more features the rooftop tent has

The importance of rooftop tent size can’t be overstated.

If you’re not claustrophobic or have difficulty moving around in tight spaces, you’ll have a much more relaxing time in a more giant rooftop tent. In addition, you can store all your belongings on the roof and enjoy being outside without having to worry about taking care of everything you own simultaneously.

Getting a large rooftop tent means that you don’t have to be so fussy about where you place your things inside the tent, which means that your bed is going to be more comfortable as it won’t be made from things that are too big or small for the space provided. But, of course, the same goes for the other furniture and equipment you’ll be using.

More features make camping more comfortable and luxurious

Features can be anything from a mosquito net, and storage pockets, to a bigger rooftop ladder. A nice feature is a fan, which circulates and removes any unpleasant smells via the ventilation system.

A feature that you will find in some rooftop tents is having a separate inside and outside area. This will allow you to sleep comfortably even with others sharing the same space.

Not only are these tents comfortable, but once they’re set up, they’re also easy to pack and carry around with you. In addition, you won’t need to take up too much space with your tent when traveling by car or public transport, so it means much faster arrival at your destination(s).

Practical storage compartments in the rooftop tent make it easy for you to stow your belongings and keep them tidy.

Quality of materials increases comfort

Having a tent that you can live happily in without needing to go through the process of setting it up every time you want to be outside is something that’s very quickly done and requires no special skills. This makes rooftop tents a great option and one which you should take advantage of when looking for an outdoor sleeping space.

A great feature can be something as simple as having flooring, or as big as having an actual room inside the tent.

What makes a rooftop tent comfortable?

Here are a few important points to keep in mind when you are looking for a new rooftop tent.

More space

The more area you have, the happier you’ll be.

There are rooftop tents for one person, for two people, or even for four people. Even if you go camping alone or as a couple, I recommend that you buy a larger roof tent, as you have so much more space for your luggage or even a small camping kitchen.

A two-person rooftop tent can quickly become too small and therefore does not offer much comfort.

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A large rooftop tent interior offers many opportunities to make yourself really comfortable.

Regardless of whether you buy a one-person rooftop tent or a four-person rooftop tent, the tents always take up just as much space on your car roof.

A three or four-person rooftop tent offers the option of opening it to the side to create more space.

It can also be a very good idea to increase your personal space with an awning.

Soft ground

If the ground or base of your RTT is soft and cozy, it’ll make a massive difference to how comfortable your rooftop tent is.

As hard as it is to believe, a soft surface can significantly affect how much comfort you get from a rooftop tent. If there isn’t any soft ground underneath your feet, you will make do with the hard gravel on the roof you’re lying on. The ground underneath you and your bed will make all the difference regarding comfort and whether or not it’s up to scratch.

When you’re sleeping, there will obviously be some discomfort every now and then when your body makes contact with the ground as you move about in your sleep. A soft surface means that these uncomfortable moments are less frequent, especially if this is not something that happens all night long.

The simple solution for a hard rooftop tent floor:

If the floor of the rooftop tent is too hard, you can easily cut a carpet and put it inside. You can also leave this carpet in the rooftop tent as it is relatively thin and does not interfere with folding.

For example, I use a simple and cheap boat carpet. You can simply cut this to size as you need it. >> Here is my product recommendation at <<

More build in features

Some rooftop tents come with many more features than others. This can be anything from a built-in mosquito net, bigger storage pockets, to a bigger rooftop ladder. These extra features will go a long way towards making you more comfortable as well.

When it comes to the fan in your tent, it certainly adds to the overall comfort too. The fan will circulate the air inside and remove any unpleasant smells so that you can enjoy being outside without risking being bitten by mosquitoes. The fan is handy in summer when there are many bugs around, but you still want to be outside.

The more ventilation there is in your tent, then the better off you’ll be. In addition, ventilation will be beneficial in hot conditions where you’ll need to eliminate sweat and any other moisture inside the tent.

Thicker tent walls

Thicker walls can be the difference between a rooftop tent being comfortable to one that isn’t so great. Of course, the wider the material is, the better off you’ll be, which means better protection from the elements.

Thicker tent walls can also absorb noise better. So you don’t startle at night with every little noise.

You can usually find these thicker walls or fabrics from premium manufacturers such as Thule or iKamper. These fabrics also have the advantage that they do not age and become brittle so quickly. Since the rooftop tent fabric is under constant strain from being set up and taken down again, the tent fabric is already under a lot of strain.

So I recommend that you either go to the premium tent manufacturers or pay attention to the quality of the fabrics when buying tents from other manufacturers.

If you find a good choice that meets your requirements, then it’s likely to be worth comparing these tents with others on sale online or in-store.

A tent with an annex

A rooftop tent with an annex is ideal for increasing the area of your tent. You can use the tent annex to set up a camping kitchen or to have a wind-protected room where you can set up a table and chairs to enjoy the evening or take your breakfast in a wind-secured space.

A tent annex is also ideal for setting up a gas heater. So you can set up the gas heater in the annex in the evening and the heat can rise into the rooftop tent.

There are many other ways you can use a rooftop tent annex. Your creativity knows no limits.

What can you upgrade or add to your rooftop tent to make it more comfortable?

The accessories market for camping items is huge. You can equip your rooftop tent as you like. Many camping accessories can make the camping trip with the rooftop tent even more comfortable.

Here I just want to show you a few camping items that are ideally suited to make the rooftop tent even more comfortable.

Add a Mattress Underlay


If you want to upgrade your rooftop tent to something even more comfortable, then adding a mattress underlay should do the trick.

You’ll be able to relax much more accessible on this thick mattress as it will offer you much more support than your regular bed does. It’ll have much more give and will make the difference in terms of comfort.

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel like sleeping on a cloud, this could be an option.

Add a more comfortable mattress

Thule Fitted Sheets for Rooftop Tents or AIRELAX double sleeping pad

Thule fitted sheets are a great way to add more comfort and warmth to your rooftop tent. You’ll be able to crawl into your warm rooftop tent in the morning and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you are looking for something more comfortable than this, try out a double sleeping bag to create that extra bit of room inside. Sleeping bags are convenient and will be beneficial when it comes to creating an area where two people can sleep comfortably inside the tent simultaneously.

If you’re sharing your tent with a partner, then this is the perfect solution for you as it can create enough room for both of you and means that everything is kept nice and tidy too.

Get a really cozy sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is something you will use all the time with your rooftop tent. You’ll be spending most of your time in it, so you need to ensure that it’s as comfortable as possible.

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When it comes to finding a cozy sleeping bag, you will want to get something that is highly rated and well-reviewed. This way you’ll know that you’re going to get a good product which is warm, spacious and comfortable.

A cozy sleeping bag will be perfect for winter, as it will keep you nice and warm throughout the night.

If you’re having trouble with your sleeping bag, it might be worth spending a bit more on a premium one to get something specifically designed for rooftop tent use.

The premium ones are likely to be much better quality than regular sleeping bags, too, so there’s less chance of them losing their shape or getting damaged in any way whatsoever.

You can also split the sleeping bag that we recommend here in summer and use it as a normal duvet. So it is cozy and not too warm in summer.

Best sleeping bag for frosty nights


Best summer sleeping bag


Install solar panels on the roof to generate electricity

A Solar Generator enables you to produce your own independent electricity. This way you’re able to watch movies or use your laptop at night.

Adding a solar panel is one way to go if you’re looking for ways to make your tent more comfortable. You’ll be able to do so much more at night with electricity in your tent, whether that’s watching a movie or using your laptop.


This is something that is going to be hugely beneficial and practical if you want to enjoy spending time inside your rooftop tent.

The solar panel can be installed easily onto the roof so that you don’t have to move out of it at all to charge up an electric device.

You connect the panel to your laptop or other devices, and it will start charging up automatically. The solar panel will give you a lot of freedom as you can charge your devices in the middle of the night without worrying about being disturbed.

Add an annex to the rooftop tent to get more space

Smittybilt 2888 Tent Annex

If you have a rooftop tent but find that it’s not enough for all of your belongings, then adding an annex to the tent is going to be something you can do. This will give you more space in your tent for storing things and sleeping with more people than usual.

It’s a simple solution to creating more room inside the rooftop tent as it doesn’t use up any extra space and will prevent any stumps from taking up extra space inside your tent.

If you don’t have room for an annex to your indoor tent, you could always buy a Queen Size Extension for Rooftop Tent, which will fit nicely inside your existing rooftop tent.

Add a cozy camping light to the tent ceiling

If you want to bring a camping light to your rooftop tent, then the best way to do so is by adding a LED Light/Lantern.

A camping light will be straightforward for you to use inside the tent as it’s very bright. It won’t be too bright that it’s uncomfortable and disruptive, though. It’ll be able to illuminate everything inside your tent nicely without disturbing those sleeping underneath.

So you have the opportunity to read a book or work on your laptop in the evening or at night.

Here are two really good camping lights you can add to your rooftop tent interior:

LED Camping Lantern


You can hang this camping lantern on the ceiling of the tent. In this way, the interior of the rooftop tent is optimally illuminated.

You can also easily recharge this camping lantern with a power bank or a solar generator.

LED Rechargeable Lantern


This camping lantern is ideal for illuminating the interior of the tent, but also when you have to leave the tent at night. The battery in this camping lantern lasts a long time and is easy to recharge.

This camping lantern is very bright and highly robust!

Add a heating system to your rooftop tent

If you are out and about with the rooftop tent in spring, autumn, or winter, it can quickly get cold in the rooftop tent. If you want to add more comfort to your rooftop tent, you should think about retrofitting a heater.

There are different ways to heat the rooftop tent.

Gas heating

There are various gas heaters built for camping use. However, you should always be very careful with gas heaters, as gas heaters produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, you should always ensure adequate ventilation with a gas heater.

You should also never take a gas heater into the rooftop tent. If a gas heater falls over or is accidentally covered, it can quickly start a fire.

If your rooftop tent has an annex, you can place the gas heater on the floor and direct the warm air into the rooftop tent with the help of the tent annex.

However, a gas heating system is very suitable for spending the day in your rooftop tent annex (breakfast, dinner, relaxing). If you have put a small camping table and a camping chair in the annex, you can also put a small camping gas heater on the floor to warm you up.

In my opinion, this is the best camping gas heater that you can use in the tent annex:

Mr. Heater F232000

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Electric heating

Heating with electricity is a better solution as there is no open flame like with gas heating. If you have a solar generator, you can charge the generator’s battery during the day and then use the stored energy to power the electric heater in the evening.

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For example, you can place a smaller electric heater in the tent. This heater will keep you warm at night. When the generator battery runs out, the heater will turn off automatically and you will need to recharge the generator batteries during the day.


>> Click Here To Check The Heater On <<

These mini electric heaters consume little energy and have enough power to efficiently heat the interior of the rooftop tent.

With a good solar power generator system, you can generate and store enough energy to run this heater for many hours.

However, you should always be very careful and always turn off the heating before you go to sleep. Otherwise, it may be dangerous or even result in a fire.

More things that make your camping life more comfortable

If you’re looking for more ways to make your rooftop tent more comfortable, then a stove is one way that you can do so. It will be light and take up much room inside the tent.

Getting a stove or a small camping kitchen will enable you to cook meals and food inside or outside your tent, whether breakfast or dinner, at any time of the year without needing to go outside or go anywhere else to get something cooked.

If you like to cook, this will be a great way to make your life a lot easier when it comes to making meals.

Of course, there are a thousand different ways to increase comfort in the tent. It is best to make a list of what you would like to have with you in order to feel really comfortable in the roof tent.

But you shouldn’t put too much inside the tent either. If the interior of the rooftop tent is too crowded, it can quickly become uncomfortable… you should find an optimal balance between gadgets and “back to the roots”!

These are the four most comfortable rooftop tents you can buy right now

The market for rooftop tents is now very large and there are many different manufacturers. You can buy a new rooftop tent for as little as $1500… but is this the best and most comfortable rooftop tent? Many rooftop tent manufacturers who offer very cheap roof tents naturally have to save on the quality and equipment of the tents.

Therefore, here you will find my personal recommendation for rooftop tents that are of high quality and also very comfortable.

Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 with Annex


The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 with Annex is one of the most comfortable rooftops you can buy now.

This tent is made from durable material, making it ideal for longer camping trips. A lot of space for 3-4 adults.

This roof tent has many features which make it more comfortable than other rooftop tents, and they include: a full rain fly, two extra large screened windows, and a quick-release chuck key holder that keeps all your essentials right where you want them.

In addition, you get the right annex here, which creates a practical space for you.

Setting up the tent takes no longer than two minutes, as the rooftop tent has a very practical mechanism that makes it very quick to set up. You only need about five minutes to attach the practical annex, as the annex is attached to the actual rooftop tent with a zipper and snaps.

Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex

Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex

The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 with Annex is a great tent, and the fact that it fits so many people makes it even better.

This roof tent is also my personal winner. The rooftop tent is very large, has an annex, is of extremely high quality, and does not break the bank.

Thule has ensured that this tent can be set up easily in minutes, so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable place for the tent or struggling to set it up. In addition, the tent has a very durable material that will protect you from wind and water damage, no matter what season you’re camping in.

This tent can fit up to six people (4 adults and 2 children), so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting your friends or family. It’s also got a rainfly that provides protection against rain and wind and is designed to be long-lasting as well.

You will also enjoy the extra large screened windows with mesh, which helps to keep the bugs out while letting in the light, so you’ll get a very comfortable camping experience from this rooftop tent.

The walls of the tent are also made of very thick and high-quality fabric, so it doesn’t get too cold in the tent even in winter!

iKamper Skycamp 3.0

ikamper Skycamp 3 0

The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 is a very versatile tent and is ideal for camping with friends or family. This rooftop tent can fit up to 4 people simultaneously, so you won’t have to worry about it being too small for your group.

This tent is spacious enough for everyone to get comfortable in, so you will be able to find somewhere else for them to sleep.

You will also enjoy the rainfly that provides you with complete protection from the rain and snow, all year round.

If you want to bring your own things with you to your tent when you go camping, this rooftop tent is built with a carry bag so that it’s easy to carry around anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about losing things inside the tent, as there’s a top vent designed for it.

Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent


The Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent is the perfect tent for camping with friends or family. It’s designed to be spacious so that you can simultaneously fit up to 5 people inside it. You will also be able to relax outside of the tent as well, as it has been designed with a very spacious screened porch.

Thule has ensured that this tent is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about any damage taking place to it.

The tent has a rainfly that provides complete protection from the rain and wind, which makes it the perfect tent for any season of the year. With entire mesh walls and windows, you can also expect to stay cool inside this tent.

You will also be pleased to know that this rooftop tent is built with a carry bag, making transport and storage very easy for you.

In conclusion

Rooftop tents are convenient and are being bought more and more often. You can attach a rooftop tent to (almost) any vehicle roof. Putting up and breaking down a rooftop tent is very quick (depending on the model, from one to five minutes).

You can stay overnight wherever your vehicle goes. You are protected from water, animals, and dirty ground. A rooftop tent also offers a great view due to its elevated position on the vehicle roof.

There are big differences when it comes to the comfort of the individual rooftop tents. The premium tent manufacturers such as Thule or iKamper offer roof tents with a lot of comfort and expansion options.

But you can also easily equip a simple rooftop tent with a lot of comforts. A good sleeping bag or a premium mattress in the rooftop tent can increase the level of comfort quite a bit!