roof top tent annex

What Is A Roof Top Tent Annex? Explained In Detail!

Here you can find out everything about the topic of roof top tent annex. I have been dealing with the subject of roof top tent for many years and have already been able to test a number of models.

A roof top tent annex is an awning or an extra space for your roof top tent, which you can attach to your tent and thus expand your roof top tent. The roof top tent annexes are very practical because you gain so much more space for your outdoor equipment. If it is windy at the campsite, an annex offers you good protection from wind and rain and you can then, for example, have a leisurely breakfast or dinner.

In this article, I will explain exactly what types of roof top tent annexes there are and what you have to look out for when buying. I have done a lot of research to make this article as high quality as possible for you.

That is what makes an annex so good and practical

If you are looking for an annex for your roof top tent, I assume that you have already installed your own roof top tent on your vehicle, very good. Then you probably know the problem when you get out of your roof tent in the morning, then you stand directly in the open, or also the problem of where to put all your camping equipment? An annex comes in very handy. You can store everything in this awning without everyone seeing it or getting there quickly and in the worst case even being able to steal it from you.

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A roof top tent annex also offers an ideal opportunity to change clothes. If you get out of your tent in the morning and are still in your underpants, you certainly don’t want everyone to see you. You also have the option of using the annex as a camping shower room. In most roof top tents it is very cramped and the possibilities are rather limited to move properly. Therefore, your own awning is an ideal solution to the problem.

If you are camping with several people, with an annax you also have the option of one or more, depending on the size of the annex, to accommodate air mattresses where other people can sleep safely.

Most of the annexes are also equipped with their own door or entrance. Most of the access points have a bug net and proper wind and privacy protection.

In order to create more space in the annex, for example for your friends to sleep in the annex or if you are sitting in the awning or want to change there, you can fold in the ladder of your roof top tent. So you have created a lot more space.

Many roof top tent annexes also have integrated pockets in which you can store your shoes or other useful items such as toilet paper or your toothbrush, for example.

Most manufacturers of annexes use extremely good materials to withstand the elements of any season.

The various advantages and disadvantages of a roof top tent annex


  • Most tent annexes come with a sturdy PVC floor that can be separated if necessary. So you won’t get your feet wet even when it rains.
  • Possibility to place a heater in the annex and set up a cozy room. Especially practical in winter! If you place the heater inside, the heat can get into your tent over there. But always make sure you have enough fresh air to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Having more room available
  • Possibility to use the annex as a shower room
  • Big wind blocker. So you have the opportunity to cook outside on windy days or on high mountains, sheltered from the wind.
  • The tent fabric is UV resistant and withstands the elements of any season
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  • For beginners, building the annex may take a little longer.
  • The annex may cause noises in strong winds
  • Larger footprint with an annex. In cramped campsites, it can quickly become tight.


If you already own a roof top tent, you should definitely consider buying an annex. An annex offers many advantages and makes camping life even easier. The advantages offered by a roof top tent annex outweigh the disadvantages. With an annex you have so much more usable space available.

Below I have tempted you with a couple of roof top tent annexes that you should definitely take a look at, there is definitely the right annex for your roof top tent included.