What security does a roof tent offer?

When it comes to safety in the rooftop tent, most people think of a thunderstorm situation. We will discuss that in this post. A rooftop tent also offers other security that you may not have thought of.

The topic of the thunderstorm should not be the content of this article. However, I cannot avoid mentioning briefly and concisely that it is not safe in a rooftop tent during a thunderstorm. The probably most obvious reasons for this are the high position to the ground and the metallic structure. These two qualities are known to be attractive to lightning.

For this reason, during a thunderstorm, it is advisable to sleep in the car instead of sleeping in the rooftop tent or to move away from the thunderstorm.

Now that this topic is out of the way, I would like to point out the security that a rooftop tent can offer:

Safety in the rooftop tent during long car journeys

A rooftop tent not only guarantees restful sleep on holiday but also on long car journeys. If you want to cover long distances in a short time, then you can rest in your rooftop tent as soon as necessary.

As soon as you are fresh again, your journey can continue.

The advantage of this is that you don’t have to look for accommodation first. This saves you time and allows you maximum flexibility.

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Protected from wild animals in the rooftop tent

Rooftop tents were primarily developed for use on expeditions and safaris for safety reasons. A rooftop tent offers you more protection from wild animals compared to a ground tent.

It’s not just about big animals like bears, wolves, lions, hyenas, and elephants, but also small and dangerous creepy crawlies like spiders, scorpions, and snakes.

You should therefore live in an area where these crawling animals live, and not set up the rooftop tent under trees and bushes.

It already happened to us that the next morning we had a large number of small spiders spread all over the tent. Luckily they couldn’t get into the tent as well.

Safe in the rooftop tent in rain and snow

It is not for nothing that rooftop tents are becoming increasingly popular. This popularity is due to the fact that rooftop tents have a more stable inner structure and a thicker tent wall than conventional ground tents.

Because of these properties, rooftop tents are in great demand, especially among families with children. Roof tents guarantee that family members stay dry longer in persistent rain. After a while, rooftop tents can also let some rain through here and there.

Those who like to travel to areas with frequent snowfalls should consider purchasing a hard shell roof tent. In particular, shell or triangle tents are best suited for this because they have sloping roofs. So the snow can slide off.

Nevertheless, caution is always required in heavy snowfall, as the strongest materials can give way under a heavy snow load.

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Rooftop tents protect your wallet

Rooftop tents are relatively expensive compared to ground tents. Compared to a caravan or mobile home, on the other hand, they are very cheap.

But that is not the main reason why a rooftop tent is easy on the wallet. It’s also good for your wallet because you have the opportunity to stay overnight almost free of charge wherever you want.

A place on the campsite is often a bit cheaper than a mobile home. In the worst case, you only pay the price for a small mobile home.

The encounters you have on these spontaneous trips are priceless anyway.

Better protection from falling branches in the rooftop tent

It often happens that you park the rooftop tent in the forest or on the edge of the forest. And you know how it is in the forest, as soon as the wind picks up a bit stronger, there is a chance that branches will fall from the treetops.

A rooftop tent, with its stable frame and robust tent fabric, can protect you from falling branches better than a ground tent. This does not mean that you are 100% safe from falling branches in the rooftop tent. You’re just safer. Depending on the size and weight of the branch, the framework and the tent fabric of the rooftop tent will also give way.

In any case, always position yourself away from trees (especially during storms or heavy rain) where the bark is damaged. This means that the tree is dead and probably already rotting. Then it’s only a matter of time before he falls over.

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Rooftop tents protect against boredom

It really is like that. With the rooftop tent on the roof, you can turn an ordinary evening into an adventurous night. Just take the vehicle and drive to an unknown and beautiful place and spend the night there.

Some more coffee and something to eat for breakfast and the next morning are secured.

When you are out and about with the rooftop tent, you will certainly never get bored. And the more often you make these spontaneous trips, the more successful they become.

You then also take the things with you that you actually need and want to have with you for your well-being and comfort.