A Roof Top Tent For The Porsche 911? Why Not?

Do you have a Porsche and are wondering whether you can also go camping with it? Then there is good news for you. You can also mount a roof top tent on a Porsche 911!

It doesn’t matter which model of Porsche you drive. The Porsche 911 already has anchor points on the roof from the factory where you can mount a roof rail.

All other current Porsche models also have anchor points where you can mount a roof rail. Such as the Cayenne, Macan or the Panamera as well as the electric Porsche Taycan.

Here we have some great pictures of a mounted roof top tent on a porsche 911 4S

But how do you mount a roof top tent on a Porsche?

This is actually quite simple. It doesn’t matter which car model you drive, whether you drive a Porsche or a Ford. The main thing is that your vehicle has anchor points for a roof rail on the roof.

There you then mount the roof rail and on the roof rail you then mount the roof crossbars, on which the roof top tent will later be mounted.


Which roof top tent is suitable for a porsche 911?

Since the porsche 911 has a rather narrow shape, we recommend selecting and installing a rather narrow roof top tent.

There are many roof tents that are more suitable for SUVs or trucks, so we would like to recommend three narrow roof top tents that go well with a Porsche 911.

Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid Voyager Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent with Ladder Campoint Hard Shell 2~3 Persons Rooftop Tent for All Season Include Ladder, Cross Bar and Shoe Bag Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2, Blue, One Size
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Which roof top tent you like best is of course a matter of personal taste.

You can find the right roof rail, for example at amazon.com, but of course also at your Porsche dealer.

The assembly of the roof top tent is then quite easy. Most roof top tents are attached to the roof rail or roof crossbars with eight screws.

When assembling your new roof top tent, always make sure that the screws are properly tightened. Also make sure that you adhere to the prescribed maximum speed with the roof top tent. You can usually find the maximum speed in the operating instructions for your roof top tent.