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Are Rooftop Tents Suitable For Digital Nomads?

Technology has completely revolutionized the way we do things. Unlike in the past when most people relied on brick-and-mortar businesses and 9-5 office jobs, today people can work and make good money while working from the place of their choice including while they are on the go.

Nowadays, most people prefer to work remotely while using technology and the internet because it gives them much-needed freedom and flexibility. But one of the greatest challenges that digital nomads face is accommodation. As a digital nomad, you can work from anywhere you want including at home and while on the go. For instance, you can work and still enjoy a road trip from the East coast to the West coast.

The short answer to this question summarized

Rooftop tents are ideal for digital nomads who don’t want to stay in one place for long and want to discover the world. Digital nomads benefit from the high flexibility and cost savings of a rooftop tent. Just sleep where you are, no matter if there is a hotel or AirBNB apartment nearby. With a rooftop tent, you are always extremely flexible.

But the problem is that hotels and Airbnb are very expensive and that can limit you from exploring the country as you would like. Statistics show that the average price for one person for accommodation in the United States is $102. For two people sharing a typical double occupancy double room, the average cost is $205. This is quite expensive and can limit your adventure as a digital nomad.

But there is an affordable alternative to renting a hotel or Airbnb and that is using a rooftop tent. Rooftop tents are perfect for digital nomads because they are relatively cheap and allow you to sleep anywhere your car can go. In this article, we will discuss why rooftop tents are ideal for digital nomads.

What are rooftop tents?

As the name suggests, rooftop tents are tents that are installed on the rooftop of the car. Rooftop tents are similar to ordinary tents only because they are installed on car rooftops. They are ideal for people who love adventure. They are super comfortable and very easy to set which makes them ideal for the wilderness. They are the perfect option for digital nomads because it allows them to sleep anywhere their cars can go. The fact that they are raised means you will be safe.


Why rooftop tents are ideal for digital nomads

If you work as a digital nomad and want to discover the world or explore your country, a roof tent is ideal. Here I would like to show you all the advantages of a rooftop tent for digital nomads.

They allow you to live and work on your car

One of the top reasons why you need to purchase a rooftop tent as a digital nomad is because it allows you to live and work from the comfort of your car. One of the greatest challenges that digital nomads face is finding a comfortable place where they can work, live and explore. A rooftop tent is an all-in-one platform that allows you to live, work and explore. When you purchase a rooftop tent, you will automatically transform your car into a bedroom on wheels. This means you can live the van life without living in the van.

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They are much safer

Rooftop tents are safer than ground-based tents. The fact that they are elevated means that you don’t have to worry about pests or reptiles crawling into your tent at night. There are fewer chances of finding a snake in your tent or a creepy spider crawling on you at night. With a rooftop tent, you can rest easy because nothing will come to your tent when you are enjoying your sleep.

The elevated height makes it difficult for pests and other unwanted things from entering your tent. The last thing you want as a digital nomad is to sleep with one eye open because you don’t know when a spider will crawl on you. When you purchase a rooftop tent, then you can be sure that you will be protected from dangerous things such as snakes, spiders, and pests.

They are affordable

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should purchase a rooftop tent as a digital nomad is that they are cheaper. As mentioned earlier, the reason why most digital nomads are not able to explore this beautiful country as they wish is because of financial constraints. Sleeping in a hotel or an Airbnb each night is very expensive. When you purchase a rooftop camp, you can cut your travel costs by up to 50%. This makes rooftop tents a better option for digital nomads who want to explore the country without denting their pockets.

You can find good rooftop tents for as little as $1000. The prices are of course very different. Depending on the equipment, you can also spend more than $2000.

Here is a cheap rooftop tent for digital nomads that I highly recommend. The “Body Armor 4×4” is ideally suited for digital nomads. It’s large, very comfortable, quick, and easy to set up, and is from a well-known manufacturer of rooftop tents.


This roof tent from Body Armor offers a lot of space, is relatively inexpensive, and can be mounted on almost any vehicle. This rooftop tent also fits smaller vehicles such as Toyota Corolla, BMW 3-series, etc.

The assembly is very simple and you can easily fold it up yourself.

They are built to last

Rooftop tents are built to last. Unlike ground-based tents that cannot handle bad weather, rooftop tents are sturdy and handle bad weather much better. Whether you are facing rain, snow, wind, or hail, you can be sure that your rooftop tent will keep you warm, dry, and safe. They can also be used in tricky terrains where RV and ground-based tents cannot be installed. If you want to enjoy your adventures all year round, then rooftop tents will not disappoint you.

They are made with extremely thick fabric, insulated floors, anti-condensation mats, and much more that allow them to withstand harsh weather. As a result, they can be used throughout the year. The high-quality fabric that they are made of can withstand any form of abuse that they are subjected to. So, if you are looking for a tent that will not disappoint you when you need it the most, then a rooftop tent is the best option for you.

They are super comfortable

Besides mobility and cost-effectiveness, another reason why most campers prefer rooftop tents is that they are incredibly comfortable. A rooftop tent is more comfortable than a traditional tent in several ways. First, you don’t have to worry that you end up lying in a pool of water in the middle of the night when it rains. Because the tent is elevated, you will have better air circulation which will enhance your sleep quality. The fact that it is off the ground means that you will sleep peacefully without worrying about people tripping over the fly line.

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Last and most importantly, rooftop tents are equipped with high-density foam mattress that is very comfortable. That means that you will enjoy your sleep as you would in a hotel or Airbnb. With a rooftop tent, you are guaranteed that your comfort will not be compromised. This is important, especially for a digital nomad who will spend a lot of time in the tent.

Portable and mobile

All tents are portable. However, some tents are more portable and mobile than others. As a digital nomad, the last thing you want is to have a tent that gives you a hard time carrying around. Rooftop tents are incredibly mobile and easy to carry around. When it is not in use, you can simply fold it and store it on the roof rack. Their portability and mobility mean you can set up camp anywhere your car can park. Rooftop tent mobility will give you the freedom to go where you want without worrying about the stress of carrying the tent.

They are very easy to set up

Rooftop tents are very easy to set up compared to traditional rooftop tents. Their setup process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do to set it up is remove the cover, take the straps off, set the ladder then unfold the tent. The reason why rooftop tents are easy to set up is that there are no poles to fasten or tedious stakes to plow into the ground. You can set up a rooftop tent in less than 60 seconds. If you want to avoid the hustle of setting up poles, finding a flat spot, and rolling up the tent, then a rooftop tent is a perfect choice for you.

It frees up more space

When you use your car as your office and living space, then space matters a lot. Unlike conventional tents where you have to create more space for storing poles, tent bags, and other accessories, the rooftop tent is stored on the roof rack. This means it does not consume any of your car space. As a result, you will have more space in the car to store other important things. Additionally, you will not keep other accessories like bulky air mattresses, heavy poles, and sleeping bags that are associated with other types of tents.

Products/gadgets that digital nomads need in order to live and work in a rooftop tent for a longer period of time

If you are planning to live and work on a rooftop for an extended period of time, then there are crucial devices that you need to have in order to make the process smooth and stress-free. In this section, we will discuss crucial products that digital nomads need to have in order to work and live in a rooftop tent for an extended period of time.

A slim laptop stand

A laptop stand is a device that holds the laptop and raises it to a level where you are comfortable. This crucial device is a must-have for a digital nomad who plans to live and work in a tent for an extended period of time because it helps to prevent neck strains and back pain thus allowing you to focus on your work for a long period of time.

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A portable pocket Wi-Fi

Another crucial gadget that you need to have as a digital nomad when living and working in a rooftop tent is portable pocket Wi-Fi. While tethering your laptop to your smartphone or setting a hotspot from your phone can get the job done, it is not a long-term solution because it consumes a lot of power, meaning you will be forced to charge your phone regularly and that can reduce the battery’s lifespan. Portable Wi-Fi will create a powerful and reliable connection that is similar to what you are used to at home.

A Power bank

You never know when you will run out of power when living and working in your rooftop tent. The worst nightmare for any digital nomad is not being able to use their semaphore or laptop because the battery is dead. A quality power bank will act as a backup just in case your laptop or phone needs to be charged and you don’t have any other means to do so.

An inverter

The fact that you will be living and working on your rooftop tent means that you need a consistent and reliable source of power. An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Having this device will ensure that you have sufficient power to charge your gadgets, including your laptop, smartphone, camera, and much more. The inverter will also light your rooftop tent at night thus allowing you to work comfortably.

An external hard drive

While living and working in a rooftop tent, anything can happen to your computer. Saving and backing up your important documents on an external hard drive will give you peace of mind because you know that you can easily retrieve them if something bad happens to your computer. An external hard drive will help to protect your work.

Noise-canceling headphones

As you travel the world while working remotely, you may at times find yourself staying in noisy camps. Working in a noisy environment can reduce your efficiency. The best way to ensure that you are not distracted when working in a noisy place is by wearing noise-canceling headphones. A wireless noise-canceling headphone will also make it easy when listening to something for work.

Solar power generator

If you constantly need to charge your laptop, it’s probably better to get a solar power generator. This has a very large battery in which the energy generated is stored.

So you don’t have to constantly charge your vehicle’s battery. Solar power generators produce electricity even when the weather is cloudy or rainy.

You can then simply place the solar cells on the windscreen of your car or attach them to the top of the rooftop tent. You simply take the battery inside the rooftop tent or put it in the trunk of your vehicle.


Final thoughts

If you are a digital nomad who wants to work and explore this beautiful country, then buying a rooftop tent is a great choice. Rooftop tents are relatively cheap compared to sleeping in a hotel or Airbnb. It is a one-time purchase meaning that once you purchase it, you will never again worry about spending money on hotels. Additionally, they are also very spacious, comfortable, and easy to set up.

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, a rooftop tent can be easily mounted on most vehicles, as the roof tent is simply screwed to the roof bars of your vehicle. So it doesn’t matter whether you drive a pickup truck, a small car, or a limousine.

In fact, you will not miss your home because of the comfort that this tent provides. The spectacular view that you will enjoy every day when you wake up will brighten up your day. Rooftop tents are also built to last and can be used throughout the year regardless of the weather condition.