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Camping Near Skinwalker Ranch – A Scary Adventure Guaranteed!

The world has incredible places for getaways, vacations, family holidays, and other projects you may have to excite your exploration spirit. Nonetheless, varying destinations have different experiences for visitors. Skinwalker Ranch has gained popularity over the years, especially among enthusiasts of scary, spooky, and intriguing occurrences.

The ranch sits on 512 acres of land in Utah, southeast of Ballard. It’s also known as Shaman Ranch, a name derived from the old legendary story of Navajo skinwalker that involved the vengeful shamans. A visit to this ranch will definitely bring out your scared side, especially if you haven’t been there before.

You can find the legendary Skinwalker Ranch on these coordinates: 40.256109735593036, -109.89549327349962 | Or just simply click here.

First-timers and regular individuals camping near Skinwalker Ranch should have all the information to help them understand what to anticipate. Unfortunately, most sources do not explain this area in detail. The name ‘skinwalker’ can tell you the experiences you can expect from your camping. The information described in this piece will cover several topics to help you understand what to anticipate when planning a camping retreat near this ranch.

What can You Expect to See?

There are several happenings, objects, and unique but scary stuff to experience when camping near this area. The area is associated with paranormal activities that can scare, amaze, and intrigue your explorative spirit. This is the information you will be gathering from this section by reading about different activities and occurrences to expect at Skinwalker Ranch.

Unidentified Flying Objects

It is not abnormal to see unidentified floating objects, otherwise known as UFOs, in and around Skinwalker Ranch. The area is known as the hotbed of UFO activity, dating back to Native American claims. You can identify these objects when enjoying a relaxing camp in Uintah Valley. Most UFOs are harmless, although they may give you a scare at first.


You will get goosebumps when you learn that scientists associate these objects with aliens who, supposedly, want to take over our planet. Nonetheless, these are just speculations that are yet to be proven true. Ancient Spanish explorers were the first to talk about strange crafts flying over their campsites while traveling through the Uintah Basin following the trade route. In the 1950s, UFO sightings skyrocketed, discussing bizarre objects in the sky.


There’s a story that there are some ghosts that roam around Skinwalker Ranch. This narration stems from the long-told tale of the rivalry between the Navajo and Ute people during the 1861 to 1865 American Civil War. The Ute tribe defeated the Navajo and banished them from their ancestral land. This occurrence is referred to as the Long Walk, and it lasted for two months. Almost 200 Navajo people died in the event.


This resulted in a curse from the Navajo to the Ute tribe, reports attested by a local legend. The Navajo unleashed hostile and spiteful spirits on the land where the Ute resided. These are the spirits known as skinwalkers in Navajo culture; hence the ranch is named so. These ghosts can transform into different creatures and are said to plague the entire Uintah Basin.

Oversized creepy animals

Oversized predators are frequently reported to be seen in the area surrounding Skinwalker Ranch. It is not yet clear why these “beasts” are seen and where these “oversized beasts” come from.

So you should be very careful on a camping trip to the skinwalker ranch and never stay outside alone or unarmed at night.


Orbs in the Sky

Research shows an interdimensional portal where the ranch is located. Although there’s inadequate proof, some sources say that the happenings in the Uintah Basin and Skinwalker Ranch result from its position, hosting a portal connecting different dimensions. Some visitors and locals have attested to the sightings of bright orange and blue lights in the night sky.


These lights illuminate for about ten seconds and are about 1000 feet in the sky. One of the common thoughts is that these are orbs and spaceships entering and exiting through the dimensions’ connection points.

Electromagnetic Anomalies

This is one of the experiences that can have you horror-struck because you experience it first-hand without relying on information from anyone else. We have heard stories from people whose cars suddenly shut down and whose phones ran from fully charged to zero within a few minutes.


Slaughtered Cattle

Some beliefs indicate that there are murdered cattle on the ranch. The carcasses seen on the property are closely connected to the said curse. It is believed that these are sacrifices made to cleanse the land of the existing Navajo curse.


Inexplicable beings

It is repeatedly reported that people see inexplicable creatures or animals around the skinwalker ranch. There is video footage of buildings and fields around Skinwalker Ranch showing inexplicable beings.


People disappear

It is also reported that people inexplicably just disappear again and again. This is reported whenever many orbs are seen in the sky over the ranch. (I recommend that you always have an Apple AirTag in your pocket to be on the safe side, so your family/relatives can locate you if you have been kidnapped by aliens 😝 )


How to Set Up a Camp near Skinwalker Ranch

There are several ways to set up a campsite near this legendary and scary place. The choice you make depends on what you can afford on your budget, tastes, and preferences. This section will explain all the information you need and some incredible options to set up your camping site. You can choose whatever suits your needs from the list below;

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If you want to camp very close to the ranch, you will find a small campground right at the entrance to the ranch’s private road. Click here to see the location on Google Maps

On this camp ground you will only find the absolute basics. You have to bring your own water and food.

Pitching a Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents have become a common choice among many campers, picnic lovers, and other exploration activities. The main benefits of making these tents a preferable option include the ease of installation, mobility convenience, security, safe from pests, and saved storage space. Additionally, rooftop tents are readily available in the current market. The best thing about a rooftop tent is that it gives you an impeccable view of the area from the top of your car.


Setting Up a Normal Tent

This is one of the easiest ways to start your camping near Skinwalker Ranch. A rooftop tent requires you to have a vehicle because setting it up on the ground may expose it to damage and attack from pests. However, a regular tent is designed to be installed on the ground. The tent you choose for your camping necessities depends on several factors, the top ones being its size, your budget, ease of installation, and the provided accessories.

Use Your Recreational Vehicle

Many people globally have embraced owning a recreational vehicle, popularly known as an RV. These units are essential because you can access all the facilities you need while camping near Skinwalker Ranch. Moreover, you can individualize your RV to create the best vehicle to ensure you get the best experience near Skinwalker Ranch. The number of professionals to help you make the best recreational vehicle has skyrocketed over the last few years, so you don’t have to stress about where to get such services.

Sleeping Bags

A camp can last a few days, especially in an area with so much to see and experience, such as Skinwalker Ranch. You should have proper sleeping arrangements for yourself and anybody accompanying you on your scary adventure. Sleeping bags offer the best solution and ensure a safe and sound night’s sleep.

Technology you should bring with you

Especially if you are planning a camping trip to the skinwalker ranch, you should be particularly well prepared. Think about what you need to take with you to survive in the wild and also document your trip. Here I have listed the most important technical equipment. You can of course expand the list depending on your needs and budget!

Video camera with night vision

You should also bring a good video camera with night vision. This allows you to document any unusual activities. Special video cameras are usually better suited for creating high-resolution videos than your smartphone since real video cameras have larger sensors that can capture more light (even at dusk) and offer a higher video resolution.

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Motion detector CCTV

If you have the ability to install a CCTV camera on your RV or rooftop tent, this is a good idea to easily document paranormal activity.

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A good flashlight is a must when visiting the ranch. So you can also examine dark corners.

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Have you seen a mysterious object in the sky and want to take a closer look? Then you should take a good telescope with you, which allows you to make distant objects visible in the sky.

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Night Vision Device

Night vision devices are ideal for being able to see the environment even in the dark. For example, if you hear a noise nearby or want to identify an object precisely, a night vision device is ideal for being able to see even in the dark.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras can show animals, people, or other objects that emit heat. In this way, you can also locate heat sources at a greater distance and then investigate them further.

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Solar panel and power generator

You will not find any possibility to charge your electrical devices in the vicinity of the ranch. Be prepared in advance that you will have to provide a power supply yourself. A solar power generator is ideal. This charges the batteries during the day and gives you enough energy to charge your equipment in the evening.

Clean and Unlimited Solar Energy: 100% green energy with smart MPPT controller for optimal charging efficiency. The power station can be fully charged with 2 Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panels within 6 hrs or only 5.5 hrs via AC wall outlet charging. Ideal for your camping or family emergency storage.

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The Best Places to Explore Near Skinwalker Ranch

Utah is among the best places to visit in the United States. The area has much to offer besides the Uintah Basin and Skinwalker Ranch. You can visit many places and get mesmerized by the fun, experiences, good times, and discoveries you have been missing out on. The best places to see near Skinwalker Ranch include;

Fantasy Canyon

This is the place to visit if you want to see some of the world’s most incredible and impeccable natural geological features. The site is located in Uintah County, sits on about 10 acres, and is home to some of the world’s most amazing naturally formed sandstone sculptures. The stone formations occur in varying sizes, colors, and features. You can be sure you are in for a surprise by visiting the Fantasy Canyon. The online reviews about the place assure you the area is a great item to add to your next itinerary list.


Twin Peaks

These features are commonly referred to as Broads Fork Twin Peaks, and you can find them in Salt Lake City, Utah. Twin Peak’s west and east summit elevations are 11,328 and 11,330 feet, respectively. It’s a great choice if you are a hiking fanatic. Fortunately, you’ve two options regarding accessing the east or west summit. You can hike from the Snowbird parking area or Hidden Peak Tram’s top at Snowbird.


Ashley National Forest

The name ‘national’ comes from the fact that you can find this mountain in three significant locations; the Wyoming Basin, the Uintah Mountains, and the Tavaputs Plateau. This shows the area’s extensiveness, covering about 1.4 million acres in southwestern Wyoming and northeastern Utah. Two hundred seventy-six thousand one hundred seventy-five acres are in High Uintas Wilderness. It’s one of the recreational places you can visit in Utah, especially when in the company of other people.


Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest

Spanning almost 2.9 million acres in the east of Wyoming and north of Colorado, MBRTB is an area that offers a lot to enjoy while camping near Skinwalker Ranch. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking landscapes and grasslands that provide enjoyment for visitors all year through. You can find all the excitement you look for here, from summer summits to scenic features to reputable winter recreation.


Since the entire area around the Skinwalker Ranch used to be Navajo tribal territory, you will find stone paintings of the Navajo Indians on rocks in certain places.

That’s why you should take a closer look on a hiking trip of the regular hiking trails to see if you can find undiscovered Navajo stone paintings!


Can You Bring Family and Children on a Skinwalker Ranch Camp Trip?

This has been a major concern among many people, mainly because the ranch’s reputation for being scary precedes it. One of the facts you should never forget is that you will be camping near the farm and not inside. The Uintah Basin is a very welcoming place for family camping. Nonetheless, you must inform your family of the scary sceneries they may encounter while on such a camp.


You can bring your children and family along as long as you prepare them psychologically about what happens in and near Skinwalker Ranch. The internet is flooded with information about this place, meaning you have a reliable source of details to educate your people about your forthcoming camping in Utah. You should also warn them that some of the incidents they experience may follow them back home, as reported by some Skinwalker Ranch previous visitors.

Which Are the Other Activities You Can Indulge in Around?

The areas near Skinwalker Ranch are a beehive of activities for individuals, groups, and families. Here, we are talking about what you can do when you are not busy waiting for ghosts, orbs, aliens, or UFOs from Skinwalker Ranch. Feel free to try any of the undertakings mentioned below, depending on the ones that excite your spirit;


Uintah Basin and Utah, in general, are well-known destinations for hiking lovers. These places are filled with mountainous areas that offer the best hiking and mountain-climbing scenes. Fantasy Canyon is an exceptional place to hike and enjoy the breathtaking views on the summit. Most rock features on Fantasy Canyon have recognizable formations, making them easy to identify. Alternatively, you can leverage the metal posts distributed throughout the area to guide you toward remarkable landmarks, including the Screaming Man, Yawning Lady, and Flying Witch.

map of paranormal activity and ufo sightings around skinwalker ranch

Visit the State Parks

Utah has five national parks, but it also prides itself on approximately 50 state parks, three of which are in Vernal. You can enjoy boating and fishing on the Red Fleet Reservoir or hike some dinosaur tracks dating more than 200 million years back at Red Fleet park. Steinaker park is also fun-filled, offering water activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, and water skiing.

Mountain Biking

Bring your bike to your camp near Skinwalker Ranch because you will enjoy good mountain biking moments on Vernal’s well-maintained trails. Prepare yourself for the Lapoint Trail System, a part of the Red Fleet System. Nevertheless, the Dry Folk Flume Trail is better if you’re into dry folk creek sounds.

Museum Exploration

One factor that attracts many visitors to Utah and the Uintah Basin is the wide variety of museums to explore. The Uintah Heritage Museum is an exceptionally important place to visit before completing your camp. The museum is home to exhibitions and artifacts portraying the lives and times of miners, pioneers, Native Americans, and other parties who contributed significantly to the shaping of Vernal, Uintah, and their surrounding areas.

There is also a lot to discover and experience in Utah away from the skinwalker ranch. You will find many different activities that you can do with the whole family.

No direct access possible

The skinwalker ranch is privately owned. The entrance to the ranch is blocked and the site is under surveillance. It is not possible to access the grounds of the ranch. But you can see the ranch from the surrounding mountains with binoculars.

Since there is no direct access to the ranch, you must find other ways to see the ranch with your own eyes. But there are ways to take a look at the ranch. For example, you can use Google Maps to find an elevated position in the area to view the ranch with binoculars.

Skinwalker Ranch Movie And Documentation

If you are interested in the skinwalker ranch, you should watch the film and also the documentary about the skinwalker ranch. The documentation as well as the film are very exciting and interesting.

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So if you plan to go to the ranch you have to watch the film and the documentary to be optimally prepared 😉

Here you can find the skinwalker film: Amazon Prime Video

You can stream the documentary here: Amazon Prime Video

More interesting info at:

Final Word

Undoubtedly, Skinwalker Ranch is among the spookiest places in the United States. Some of the stories told about this area are true, but researchers are yet to prove the others. The ranch sits on private land, meaning the only way to get close and see all its wonders is by camping in the areas nearby. The information above covers this subject in detail to prepare you for a scary camp and give you an idea of what to expect before you park for your journey to this wonderland. The place may sound scary, but it also has its bright side. You can indulge in and enjoy several activities during your stay, including water skiing, kayaking, boating, museum visits, and hiking.


Facts and important information about the skinwalker ranch


Many consider it a place of the supernatural. Others assume the area is cursed. Terry Sherman was so shocked by what was happening on his new farm that he sold the 1,200-acre property in northeast Utah now known as Skinwalker Ranch just 18 months after his family of four moved.
He and his wife Gwen shared their harrowing experience with a local reporter in June 1996. The Shermans said they saw mysterious crop circles and UFOs. In addition, their cattle were systematically and repeatedly mutilated – in an unusually surgically skillful and bloodless manner. Within three months of the story’s publication, real estate mogul and UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow bought the ranch for $200,000.

Under the name of the National Institute for Discovery Science, Bigelow established 24-hour surveillance of the ranch in hopes of getting to the bottom of the paranormal activity. However, although this attempt at reconnaissance produced the book Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah, in which several of the researchers claimed to have observed supernatural phenomena there, no evidence supporting the Shermans’ claims could be presented.

The ranch was sold to Adamantium Real Estate, which has since attempted to trademark the Skinwalker Ranch name.

Did the Shermans just lie? Or did they fall under the spell of a collective deception? Without any evidence, the stories they told are hard to believe. The Uinta Basin in eastern Utah has been a veritable hotbed of paranormal sightings over the years. Some Alien fans have dubbed the area “UFO Alley.” “You can’t throw a rock in southern Utah without hitting someone who’s been kidnapped,” local filmmaker Trent Harris told Deseret News.

According to Hunt for the Skinwalker, strange objects have been observed in the sky since the arrival of the first European explorers: in 1776, the Franciscan missionary Silvestre Vélez de Escalante reported strange fireballs appearing over his campfire in El Rey. And before the Europeans, of course, indigenous peoples occupied the Uinta Basin. Today, Skinwalker Ranch borders the Uintah and Ouray Indian reservations of the Ute tribe.

Did the Shermans perhaps see things that Native Americans knew centuries ago?Territory of the skinwalker ranch


The Shermans didn’t just report UFO sightings. They also claimed to have seen mysterious creatures. The Shermans remembered one wolf in particular, which is said to have been three times the size of an ordinary specimen.

On the night of March 12, 1997 – after the ranch was sold – biochemist Colm Kelleher claimed that a large humanoid creature had been spying on the research team at the National Institute for Discovery Science from a tree. As he details in Hunt for the Skinwalker, the creature was about 50 yards away from them. “The big creature lying motionless, almost unnoticed, in the tree,” Kelleher said. “The only clue to the animal’s presence was its eyes glowing yellow as it stared into the light.”
After Kelleher shot the creature with a rifle, it disappeared. “I saw it then, an oval imprint about six inches in diameter, clearly visible in the snow surface. It looked unusual: a single large footprint in the snow with two sharp claws sticking out from behind. It looked almost like a raptor’s mark, but much larger, and judging by the depth of the imprint, it was of a very heavy creature.”

Repeated sightings of humanoid creatures have led some to invoke the term “skinwalker,” a shape-shifting creature from Navajo tribal folklore. Among the Navajo, skinwalkers are similar to werewolves: evil witches who can transform into the creatures of their choice.

But Sherman’s family ranch was over 400 miles north of “Navajo Nation,” actually right next to Ute territory. When the Ute and Navajo crossed paths, there was a confrontational atmosphere between the races, explains historian Sondra Jones, author of Being and Becoming Ute.

“It wasn’t friendly,” says Jones. “The Navajo were more aggressive people; They took slaves, they had Ute slaves. And there was direct conflict when the Navajo tried to invade Ute territory.”Monsters, mysterious creatures and aliens are seen at Skinwalker Ranch


While “skinwalkers” do not figure in Ute beliefs, there are other aspects of the history surrounding the ranch that are in the context of Ute lore.

Other unexplained sightings have occurred right next door at Bottle Hollow, a 420-acre man-made reservoir on Ute land adjacent to the ranch. In 1970 the lake was filled with fresh water by a mandate from the federal government. In 1998, a police officer saw a large light fall into the reservoir, which then reappeared and flew into the night sky. One night in 2002, four young men standing on the shore of the reservoir saw a blue and white ball enter the artificial lake.

According to the work Hunt for the Skinwalker, the glowing ball crashed into the water just a few meters from shore and emerged seconds later in a new form: a shimmering, belt-shaped beam of light. “After a brief air dance, the belt of light disintegrated at high speed, hitting the ground before disappearing under the top of Skinwalker Ridge.”

The occurrence of supernatural phenomena surrounding Bottle Hollow makes sense in the context of Ute belief. According to Jones, sources and certain waterways were places of negative energy for the Ute people. There were evil spirits that rose out of the water to pull you down.

Aside from explanations provided by indigenous lore, there has been speculation about possible extraterrestrial activities and also secret government experiments. Now the Mystery of the Skinwalker Ranch documentary series is trying to find answers after the ranch’s new owner, Brandon Fugal, sponsored a new investigation into the phenomena. A team of experts uses hard science, including drone thermography and laser technology, to explore the entire ranch in minute detail.