Best Awning Heater For Cold Camping Days

In the morning you wake up at the campsite and you can already tell from your breath that it is a cold morning. The glass panes are fogged up and the delicate light promises a clear, cold day. Stepping out of the warm bed into the cold awning for breakfast takes a lot of effort. Whether you are traveling with a camping trailer, rooftop tent, or camper van, a warm awning can offer a lot of comforts.

Here you can find out what options you have to heat the awning as a living space as required and how the awning heater makes camper life warmer.

The characteristics of an awning

On the campsite, your awning offers you additional living space that you can use in different ways. On hot days, the room heats up from the sunlight, and you can cool it down with the help of ventilation openings and the darkening of the transparent places.

But what do you do on cold days? If you need a blanket for your legs at breakfast in the morning, or if you prefer to go to bed in the evening because you are cold. There are different variants of awning heating for the problem.

The extra room of everyday camping life

While the walls in a mobile home or caravan are well insulated, you only have thin tent walls in the awning.

However, a large part of camping life takes place in the awning:

  • It offers space for the camping kitchen with a cooking area and storage.
  • A generous and comfortable seating area with a dining table can be found here.
  • The TV and the reading corner can provide evening entertainment.
  • Here you can play board games and cards, such as poker, together.
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All of these activities are more enjoyable when you have the option to use the awning heater.

The different ways to effectively heat an awning

Here I would like to introduce you to the best camping awning heaters. There are of course different heaters that you can use to bring the awning to a comfortable temperature.

For example, there are options to heat the awning with electricity, gas or even diesel. Here I would like to show you the most popular camping heaters from my personal experience.

Comfortable warmth from the campground socket

An awning heater can be operated with electricity or gas. If you already have a power supply at the campground, you can use multiple plugs to keep a socket free for an electrically operated heater.

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Fan heaters come in a variety of sizes and designs. They offer quickly available heat, the heated air is blown into the room by ventilation. The draft from the fan heater is pleasant but stirs up dust.

Camping heaters with ceramic fuel rods have the advantage that no dust and no hair can burn. As a result, they are odorless even when in operation.

The mini box for high heat output

You can get pleasantly warm room air without dry nasal mucosa and without noise pollution with heaters from Brightown, for example.

The Brightown fan heaters are compact and extremely quiet. They can be stored in a bag until they are put into operation. The air is not dried out and continuous operation is possible because the devices switch off automatically.

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You can also use the Brightown devices as frost guards, you can adjust the 3-stage ventilation for quick warmth. The filter mats can be changed, which extends the service life enormously and you have found a sustainable solution. Enjoy warmth that feels natural. The device becomes virtually invisible.

Infrared, the pleasant heat wave

Infrared heaters are particularly suitable as awning heaters if you want to make a sustainable investment. The infrared heater specified here comes with a noble look and heats with new infrared technology. This is particularly energy-saving and therefore low-consumption.

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With infrared technology, the surfaces of solid bodies are heated. These then radiate the heat, for example, tables, chairs, and other furniture. As a result, the device does not cause any dust to be swirled around and is suitable for allergy sufferers or sensitive people, among other things. The heat is perceived as very pleasant and present.

The infrared heater I have provided here can either be hung or mounted on a wall, or you can also place the infrared heater on a table.

The gas heater – coziness on a small flame

Gas-powered stoves are ideal as awning heaters if you want to set up a gas bottle for your cooking area or grill anyway. You can then connect this to the gas heater for the awning via a junction. By using a gas-powered heater, you become independent of an external power source.

The Mr. Heater camping heater is perfect for the awning as a simple device without a lot of bells and whistles. The temperature is not adjustable. However, you can throttle the gas flow with an additional valve on the gas supply. The device meets simple requirements and can represent a solid awning heater.

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The Mr. Heater is a gas camping heater with advanced features. The device has an oxygen deficiency safety device, which means that the carbon monoxide content of the air cannot increase unnoticed. The device thus ensures safe use.

The desired temperature can be regulated by a thermostat and the device can therefore be used as a frost monitor. This device is perfect for awnings that are not permanently installed. This is a comfortable variant for higher demands.

Best heating solution for larger awnings

If you have a very large awning, you can also heat it with a diesel heater. A diesel heater offers the great advantage that the heater heats up very quickly and also has a very high heat output.

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A diesel heater also has the advantage that it works at very low temperatures. So you can fill the diesel camping heater completely in the evening, direct the warm air into the awning using a hose, and place the actual diesel heater at a certain distance from the tent or camping van.

You should only make sure that the diesel heater produces exhaust gases. It is therefore recommended that you set up the heater a little further away and then direct the warm air into the awning using a hose.

One tip completes the right awning heater

Whether you use an electric fan heater, an elegant infrared heater, or a gas-powered radiant heater is entirely up to your personal taste.

However, make sure that the floor covering in your awning offers thermal insulation and at least protects against moisture. This also allows you to achieve greater comfort on cold days.


Only one must banish the cold

For your breakfast without a winter jacket, a suitable awning heater means that you figure out who will crawl out of the warm bed a few minutes beforehand, turn on the heating and prepare the coffee.

Shortly afterward it is already comfortably warm in the awning and breakfast can be enjoyed with pleasure. So you can start your new holiday adventure relaxed, even on cold camping days.