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24 of the Most Beautiful Places to Camp in the United States

If you are planning to travel in and around the US then from Florida to Maine you can find a number of places where you can camp with your family or friends. If you are a nature lover and planning a caning trip this weekend then you can camp on various glorious mountains, clear streams, and lakes to enjoy fresh air in the lap of nature in the US. At these beautiful and charming sites, you may enjoy a lot on hiking trails, picnic spots, swimming, and fishing sites along with setting up your camping tent at one of the camping sites in this country. Some of the perfect sites for outdoor trips may include the lakes of Alaska to pine woods of Maine etc. from which you can choose as per your liking and convenience.

You can choose from the well-developed camping grounds, with electricity, water, and parking area for your RV, in most of the parks and places to camp in the US. People seasoned with outdoor activities can find a lot of camping locations in the backcountry to really experience a rough lifestyle away from their homes.

It has been proved through various studies that one can improve his elevated mood, concentration, sleep patterns, and healing process by spending some time outdoors. Weekend camping trips are suggested not only to get rid of your anxiety and tensions of your routine life but also to enjoy different from your usual lifestyle. You can stare at the stars, go early to bed, wake up early in the morning and eat food roasted at the open flame with your dirty hands while camping at one of the most beautiful places in the US.

So, if you want to enjoy a camping trip with your family and friends this weekend then you must go through this write-up until the end to have brief information about some of the beautiful places in different states of the US for camping. Although because of the pandemic Covid-19, some of the popular camping sites offer limited space or have been closed for public activities still you can visit their websites frequently before planning your camping trip net time.

Acadia National Park, Maine

This park in Maine is one of the natural beauties in the Pine Tree state as it is situated on the island of Mount Desert. This park includes 6,000 ponds and lakes, forest spread over an area of 17 million acres, and nearly 32,000 miles of long streams and rivers to provide campers and hikers a beautiful background. You can set up your camping tent at any of the three campgrounds offered by this park including Seawall, Schoodic Woods, and Blackwoods.


All three campgrounds have their own benefits as you can find a lesser number of tourists at Seawall, Blackwoods will allow you to enjoy near the Bar Harbor and Schoodic woods allows you to enjoy at Schoodic peninsula. In today’s time of the pandemic, this park is scheduled to open again for the public in phases. Its camping grounds will open in near future but most of the hiking trails have been opened at present. You can visit their website to know more in this regard.

White Mountain National Forest, Maine, and New Hampshire

This National forest situated in the utmost northern portion of the valley of Appalachian can be the right camping site for you if you are looking for a really rough and tough hiking trail. In the rainy season, it is really a magical sight to camp on when the season of leaf-peeping is at the highest point.


Moreover, this forest also offers several grounds offering hundreds of sites for camping. Though most climbing areas, shelters, and campsites in this national forest are closed due to Coronavirus still you can remain in touch with them by visiting their website frequently before planning your next camping trip.

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Minnewaska State Park Reserve, New York


This park is situated on the ridge of Shawangunk at the height of over 2,020 feet above the level of the sea and only 94 miles away from New York City. Rocky terrains have surrounded this park reserve to provide enormous space to the nature viewers as well as hikers and bikers to enjoy during their camping trip. At resent the capacity of this park has been reduced by closing some of its facilities as well as closing adjoining campgrounds temporarily for some time

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

If you are an avid hiker then it is the best place to camp for you in the US. This national park situated at a short distance from Washington D.C. includes trials of nearly 500 miles including a trail of eight miles to hike up the mountain Old Rang. You can find a lot of spectacular views of waterfalls and forests in this wonderful park.


This park allows you to choose a camping site from the five campgrounds offered by it. The facilities of this park are normally made public in the summer, fall, and spring seasons but at present, it has been reopened with a limited capacity. So to know about the availability of campsites you should visit their website frequently.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland


The campgrounds at this national seashore are situated just nine miles in Ocean City’s southern part. This island seashore offers beaches up to 37 miles for swimming, surfing, crabbing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, biking, watching wild horses, and camping. Some of the campgrounds at this site in the US have been reopened on 15th June 2020 but some of its facilities including campgrounds for group camping are still waiting for their turn. You should remain n touch with them to get an opportunity to camping there next time.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida


If you want to have the largest barrier reef of the world exactly at the threshold of your tent then this national park can be the right site for you to camp in the US. You can explore Fort Jefferson, rent snorkeling gear or spend some time on the seashore of this national park while camping there. While planning to camp at this site you must ensure to have field glasses with you as it is one of the great sites to watch birds. Though at present, a campground in this park has been opened programs led by ranges as well as tours t explore the fort are still suspended for some more time.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

This national park situated along the Rio Grande is the best place for you to camp if you are searching for a place for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting in the US. Along the mountain, desert, and landscapes of the river of this park, you can also find trails for backpacking or hiking.


This park also provides sites for camping in the backcountry in any of its three established campgrounds. At present, this park is reopened to the public but the facilities such as centers for visitors are still closed except for one of its campgrounds. This campground is operated with limited capacity.

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas


Lots of countrysides are usually overlooked in Arkansas, where you can find streams and lakes spread over several thousand acres, hiking trails of 400 miles, and nine beautiful beaches. It offers several developed campgrounds from which one can choose for tent camping or RV camping. Many of the recreational areas and campgrounds of this national forest are still inoperative whereas some of them have been reopened for restricted usage.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The attractiveness of Badlands should not be taken too lightly because it is still wonderful even if its climate is a bit rough. You can find several rock formations there which can allow you to find places and lowlands where you can see fossils of ancient times. You can also choose from two of the campgrounds offered by Badlands including Sage Creek and Cedar Pass for your camping trip.


Though Sage Creek does not have flowing water but it allows you to see wild ox whereas at Cedar Pass you can avail of amenities like electricity and running water etc. In the northern side of the park, you can find campgrounds and trails open for coming but the southern part of this park is still blocked.

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Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho


You can have amazing views at the sharp vertical Smoky Mountains in this national forest which may look like a painting of Bob Ross. In this national forest, you can find several campgrounds but the Recreational Area is among the best sites in the Sawtooth National Forest for camping. Some of these recreational sites are still inoperative but some are open. You can know more about the availability of a campsite through its website.

Glacier National Park, Montana


If you want to stay and see glacier’s stunning views at this national park then you can choose from over 1,000 campsites offered by it in its 13 developed campgrounds. This park also offers trails of 700 miles through meadows, mountains, and forests for hikers to enjoy during their stay. However, the campgrounds of this national park have not been reopened until now. You should visit their website frequently to know in this regard.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

You can reach the Rocky Mountains in the north of the Jackson Hole to see a lot of lakes and wildlife. This national park also allows you to see lots of elk, based on the time you go there because it is situated adjacent to the National Refuge for Elk.

Dramatic Grand Teton Sunrise
The dramatic colors of the Grand Teton Mountains reflecting in the water on a clear summer morning.

This park also offers 6 campgrounds to stay on any of them but the reviews for the Signal Mountain campground are the best. Though it has been shown by the visitor center of Jenny Lake that some of its venues are closed at present but some restrictions have been imposed while opening most of the facilities on these campgrounds.

Gunnison National Forest, Colorado


This national forest, with a public land of 1.6 million acres and trails of 3,000 miles, guarantees to offer you a gorgeous scene of the Rocky Mountains as well as various types of landscapes. It also offers 30 sites on evergreen forests, open meadows, nearby lakes, and the mountains for camping. At present some of the facilities and campgrounds are open with limited capacity whereas others are still closed until further orders. You can visit the website of this national forest to know more in this regard.

Arches National Park, Utah


This national park allows you to have an amazing experience of seeing white fresh snow on its red rocks after waking up on a cold morning. The Delicate Arch Trail is one of the most popular trails of this national park that provides you a full opportunity to take amazing photos of hiking as well as camping in the areas nearby Moab. Though trails and roads in this park have been reopened but visitor centers and campgrounds are still waiting for their turn to open.

Arch Rock Campground, Nevada


This campground surrounded by impressive red sandstones is a quiet place to camp. It is located in the First State park valley just 55 miles from Las Vegas. At present, this park, along with both of its campgrounds, is open but they cannot be used to their full capacity.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

If you want to see mesmerizing views then this national park is the best place. It offers three campgrounds but for camping, in the summer it is recommended to reserve your campsite in advance in two of its campgrounds. If you like backcountry camping then you must apply for a permit in advance. You can easily get space on the South Rim of this park but it will be a bit crowded.


North Rim can be the best for you for a more isolated stay but getting there may not be easy. Currently, the park is reopening in phases. Reopening of the campsites on the North Rim is still not allowed but on the South Rim, they are reopening campsites gradually with limitations. Their website can provide you with more information about the reopening of the closed sites.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Full moon walks are hosted at this national park. Questions about local lore, astronomy, and nocturnal animals in this region are also answered by the rangers in this park. In the late summers and early fall, you can see a lot of bats in their caves. Though this park offers a facility for backcountry camping only then you should be careful if you are an inexperienced camper as every camper must have a permit to camp here.


Due to social distancing, with new precautions, caverns have been reopened but the programs of Bat Flight are still on hold for some more time. You should visit their website regularly to know more about the opening of bat flight programs.

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Olympic National Park, Washington


Camping near this amazing coastline marked by several stacks in the sea can be a wonderful experience for you. There are 14 campgrounds in this national park. Some of these campgrounds are in the rainforest and others are beside the ocean. So they allow you to enjoy various types of scenic backgrounds. Though the visitor center and campgrounds of this national park are still closed but the park is reopening in phases.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

A sleeping volcano and the deepest lake in the United States are located in this national park so for nature lovers it offers a lot of opportunities to click photos. It offers two campgrounds – Lost Creek and Mazama from which campers can choose. Lost Creek is available for tent camping only whereas Mazama allows for a tent as well as RV camping.


However, on both the campgrounds, backcountry camping is also allowed with a permit. At present, some of the activities and information centers of this park have been closed but the park is reopened for the public. However, the date for reopening its campgrounds, which normally open in June or July for the season, is still pending. To know more in this regard you must visit the website of this national park.

Joshua Tree National Park, California


In this national park, you can find several campsites. Jumbo Rocks Campground is one of the campsites of this park that is known for the protection provided by its big boulder rocks from the wind. This park spread over 800,000 acres offers more than 100 camping sites to choose from on a first-come-first-served basis. Though all the programs in this park have been currently stopped its campsites are open for camping.

Yosemite National Park, California

This national park is the best camping site for those who love nature. They must plan a camping trip in this park sometime in their lifetime. Throughout this park, there are 13 known campgrounds scattered all over even if 95% of this park has been declared as a rough and wild area. It offers the best opportunities for people who really like rough lifestyles by allowing them backcountry camping.


At present reservations are required even for using this park during the daytime but Upper Pines is the only campground of this park that is open. To know about the reopening of other campgrounds you should visit the website of this national park.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California

These national parks in North America can be the right place for you if you want to see the biggest trees. They also offer 14 main campgrounds for those who want to set up their camps to enjoy themselves with their family and friends in a calm environment. Usually, these campgrounds are available on a first-come-first-serve basis but this year things have changed at large due to pandemic Covid-19.

General Grant Grove trees
Massive, ancient giant sequoias in groves in Kings Canyon National Park California USA

The reservations are required for the campers to use these campgrounds for the rest of the season of 2020 after their reopening. Though the parks are open at present the reopening of all other facilities including campgrounds is still awaited. The websites of these parks can inform you about the reopening of their campgrounds if you visit them frequently.

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii


An over 10,000 feet high inactive volcano is the main attraction of this national park in the Hawaii state. It allows you to get the best views of the landscapes in this state. This national park offers three campgrounds including the Summit Area, the Wilderness Area, and the Pahulu Area from which you can choose one to stay during your camping trip. But you will have to wait until they reopen as at present some of the trails, visitor centers, and campgrounds are closed due to the outspread of Coronavirus. To know more in this regard you will have to visit their website regularly.

Denali National Park, Alaska

You have missed a lot if you have never visited Alaska. You can find some of the most stunning landscapes of the United States in this region. If you are interested to see wildlife then six million acres of land in this national park can meet your requirements. This park also offers a lot of plants, beautiful trails, mountains, and creeks as well as the tallest peak in North America, Mount McKinley to see during your visit.


It also offers over 290 campsites in six developed campgrounds from which you can choose while planning your camping trip to this park. This summer, most of the campgrounds of his national park are likely to reopen. You will have to visit the website of this park to know the exact date of the reopening of its campgrounds.

Thus, the information provided in this write-up can help you to find the most beautiful place to camp in the US. Though all the camping sites are not available at present due to Covid-19 still you can expect their reopening in the near future. You will have to visit the website of the campsites of your choice to know the exact date of their reopening.