Adventure Van Life

The van life is the big dream of many travel and adventure seekers. What could be nicer than getting into the camper and discovering the world? After all, this is the epitome of freedom and therefore also of happiness. Living so intensively with nature is a great help to leave all the stress behind and to really relax and slow down. Before you go on a journey, however, there are still a few things to consider. This applies above all to the camping equipment, without which it is essential. We have put together the most important tips and a packing list for van life.

What does van life look like?

Van life is a special lifestyle in which life takes place in a classic camper van. People eat, sleep and live in the vehicle. So there are places to sleep, wet cells, and the possibility to cook. With the mobile home, you can travel the world independently and flexibly, even remote places can be visited. In addition, classic van life is characterized by the fact that the van is usually converted by hobby mechanics themselves. Piece by piece, the vehicle is transformed into a mobile home, which is also equipped with luxury and comfort, depending on requirements.

Gone are the days when you could only find the essentials in a camper van and the lifestyle was characterized by renunciation and simplicity. Vanlife is more of an idea than a concept. Modern van life wants to inspire people to just drive off, enjoy the journey and spend the holidays in nature instead of in the club complex.

Cooking and eating in the van

You can also cook well in the camper van. Basically, you don’t have to do anything when traveling in a mobile home. Especially when you are out and about during the day, you need a rich breakfast and in the evening something decent should be on the table. This requires the right camping furniture and a camping kitchen.

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An active cool box is also particularly important so that the food can be cooled and stay fresh for a long time. In addition, you always have chilled drinks ready, which is simply wonderful in summer. If you don’t want to do without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, you also need a coffee maker. Either an espresso maker or a French press is suitable here. These are easy to use and also unbreakable. In order to prepare something warm, you need a camping stove. Either this is permanently installed in the kitchen block or you decide on a mobile camping stove.

A toaster, kettle, and sandwich maker are also useful devices for the camping kitchen and are optional items on the van life packing list. Now you need a basic set of camping utensils. Tableware made of light and unbreakable materials such as enamel, aluminum, or bamboo is ideal. The cutlery should also be light, but still stable and unbreakable. It is best to use special camping cutlery.

You will need chopping boards and at least one good knife to prepare the food. After the snipping, it’s time to cook and roast, which requires pots and pans. Make sure that these are not too heavy and can be stowed away to save space.

Campervan kitchen equipment also includes:

  • Peeler
  • Scissors
  • Tin opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Dishwashing bowl
  • Detergent
  • Rag

If you don’t have enough space to cook in the van, you can do this very well in the van awning.

Hygiene in the camper and the right clothing

The times when hygiene in the camper was a challenge are long gone. Today there is the option of the van having its own wet room or you can use the classic sanitary facilities on the campsite. In any case, basic personal hygiene equipment is part of the camping equipment.

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It makes sense to have a small supply of wet wipes with you because they are very practical. If there is no water in between, they can help out excellently. Otherwise, of course, towels, washcloths, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene articles should be considered. To wash your hands regularly, you need soap and, at the latest since Corona, disinfectants.

Other hygiene items that are part of the equipment for the mobile home are as follows:

  • Shower bath
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Creams and products for skin care
  • Suncream
  • Anti-mosquito spray
  • Travel pharmacy

My tip: fill up some detergent and take it with you when you travel. So you can wash one or the other piece of clothing by hand in between.

Even if you calculate well, there can be shortages in terms of clothing due to bad weather or similar. It doesn’t really matter where you take the campervan. You should always be appropriately equipped for all weather conditions. It is not always possible to estimate the exact weather conditions before the trip.

Even in sunny areas, there can be colder nights or a rainy day waiting for you. Warm clothes and rainwear should always be packed. Warm pajamas and an extra blanket ensure that you don’t freeze at night. If you don’t need it, then just don’t use it.

Of course, this does not apply indefinitely, because ultimately everything has to be stowed away in the camping cupboards.

Technology and entertainment

A certain amount of technology is simply part of today’s lifestyle. Of course, this also applies to van life. Here it is advisable to pack a little more than too little. Annoying when the right charging cable is missing or there are no extension cables. Many people need their mobile phones for navigation anyway, and the charging cable should of course not give up the ghost. Therefore, I recommend taking all important cables with you in duplicate. Power banks and batteries also make sense, as electricity may not be available everywhere.

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In addition to the smartphone, the laptop is also often taken along. Insofar as the internet is provided, you can also bridge a rainy day with your favorite series or surf a bit in between. A Bluetooth speaker box is also great because you can listen to music from time to time – of course only loud enough that it doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

Holidays without borders in the camping van!

You will probably not have everything with you when you first travel in a camper van or mobile home. But the more often your van life repeats itself, the better you will get to know your individual needs. You may find that you can’t get by with just the space in the van. Then it makes sense that you buy an awning to expand the space.

Only when living in the camper will you notice where the equipment for the mobile home is missing. This is especially true for camping dishes: not enough spoons, too many bowls, not enough glasses, but too many cups. Here it is like the first apartment, the necessary equipment only becomes clear when you live in it. Of course, it is understandable that when you are just starting out in van life, there are concerns about whether you have really thought of everything. You are not alone in this, everyone feels the same way. Here I will show you the best tips for van camping.