5 Best Reasons Why Do You Need A Roof Top Tent

What is a Roof Top Tent?

A rooftop tent is essentially a car camping tent that remains on your vehicle’s rooftop as opposed to being inside it. It’s instead of taking up valuable space in the back of your van or having to set up some ridiculous contraption with poles and such as an alternative for sleeping on the ground.

The whole idea of a rooftop tent is to have a tent you can effortlessly set up and take down quickly so that there isn’t any extra time lost in your journey or camping trip. When the roof top tents were first introduced, they used to be on the more expensive end of things, but now due to mass production costs going down, they don’t cost that much more than a regular roof rack and tent combination.

Why is a roof top tent so fun?

Rooftop tents are fun to camp with. There is nothing quite like waking up in the outdoors, fresh air filling your lungs and the sun shining down on you. The tent has been set up for hours, so it is time to break down camp! As you pack everything away, there’s a slight breeze in the morning air, bringing you back to the reality that you are camping! After an enjoyable night under the stars in your comfortable mattress tucked away inside the elevated tent, packing up camp becomes much more accessible with roof top tents. You don’t have to worry about sleeping bags or pillows rolling off into some unknown part of nature that may never be seen again! Climbing underneath your vehicle to stow away all of your gear is nothing compared to the ease of simply lifting the roof top tent off of its perch, folding it up, and throwing it into the back of your truck.

All campers know that packing everything away in an organized manner can be challenging. With roof top tents, this process becomes simple. Nothing is worse than spending hours getting all of your camping equipment packed up nice and neatly only to arrive home to find out one of the poles for your tent or sleeping mat has snapped! Spending time carefully wrapping each item pays off, especially if you travel long distances with many different pieces. This way, you will ensure that they do not snap while transporting them back home, where they belong.

Having a roof top tent allows you to maximize space in your vehicle. If you are like me, you do not have an enormous truck or SUV with which to pack up all of your equipment for camping trips. With a roof top tent, it is much easier to fit everything inside when compared to traditional tents that require staking into the ground. It also makes it easier because there is no need for extra food bags or tin foil cooking pans! The roof top tent has its compartment built right in so all of your stuff can be transported together in one place – make sure the lid closes.

When it does come time to put up your new roof top tent, don’t worry about being outdoors for hours setting things up. Many models have pre-attached poles, and all you have to do is snap the support beams in place. All of this can be done with relative ease, especially if you are stashing it away at home before setting up camp.

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For the most part, roof top tents are very simple to set up and takedown because they come in a compact size – ready for storage! There is nothing worse than spending hours putting up a large tent only for its size to prevent you from taking it back down quickly or folding it away neatly. If you have enough space, consider getting two so that when one is transported in the back of your truck, the other can be used as an extra bedroom inside your home.

What adventures can you experience with a roof top tent?

When the sun goes down, you’ll need a comfortable place to catch some shuteye. A rooftop tent offers an elevated solution for sleeping under the stars while still giving you easy access to your vehicle during the day.

You should know that roof top tents are not only popular with camping enthusiasts because of their added comfort and low impact on Mother Nature, but they also allow users to explore remote areas where RVs or campers cannot go.

Here are a few ways a roof top tent can make any camping trip better:

Camping in seclusion

While car camping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences when done right. For instance, backcountry car camping is all about escaping to a secluded spot where you can indeed be with nature. Having an elevated vantage point from your tent will give you a better perspective of the beautiful surroundings and help provide some privacy during your stay.

Additionally, this type of camping is often done in extreme weather conditions – wind, rain, snow – so being off the ground makes it easier to deal with these challenges. Getting wet or cold while sleeping because of low-hanging limbs is no longer a risk as well.

Cheaper than renting an RV If you’re looking for an alternative to owning a large vehicle that eats up gas and requires lots of maintenance, then going car camping might be for you! RVs are extremely expensive to purchase and maintain, not to mention that they take up a lot of space. A roof top tent can be just as comfortable and is much more affordable than purchasing an RV.

Additionally, you’re more likely to use a roof top tent because it is significantly smaller than your average camper truck – this means you will need less gear and still get the same enjoyment out of car camping. With fewer items to maintain, renting an RV might even cost more than buying and using a rooftop tent! Wildlife viewing.

From grizzly bears in Alaska to alligators in Florida, there are numerous animals one can spot during their car-camping adventures. Having a way to carry your supplies on top of your vehicle, like with a rooftop tent, makes it easier for wildlife enthusiasts who want to catch a glimpse of any animal within the area.

Having an elevated vantage point (and possibly even spotting wildlife) is one of the many perks that come with using a roof top tent. You don’t need to set up camp or put on clothing if you want to look for bears; this is perfect if you’re interested in spending more time outside watching animals than inside staring at your camping equipment.

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Increased efficiency

Camping can be tiring work – lugging around your supplies throughout mountains, and rough terrain isn’t easy. Therefore, having everything accessible on top of your vehicle makes it easier to set up camp for the night. You won’t have to worry about climbing over rocks, through streams, or hiking miles to get to your supplies.

Also, having your vehicle close makes it easier for you to get up in the morning and move around before everything gets packed up. With an elevated sleeping area, the last thing you want to do is pack up camp while standing in puddles or mud.

Forget about carrying bulky tents. This one is easy: with a roof top tent, you won’t have to worry about lugging around heavy camping gear like clunky tents that are difficult to set up. A rooftop tent might be negligible when rolled up during the day, but putting it up will only take minutes. And if you’re really in a rush, disconnect it from your rack instead of breaking down its components like folding chairs or tables – this is a great way to make some extra space in the morning.

Of course, if you’re worried about having to carry around a heavier load while traveling or hiking, then perhaps this isn’t the best alternative for your hiking trip.

roof rack tent in the desert

The advantages of a roof top tent

There are many different camping tents available permanently on the market. While each manufacturer claims that their product is one of the best, it can be difficult to tell which ones live up to expectations. One type of tent that has become very popular among campers is an elevated roof top tent. Here are five advantages of a rooftop tent over other types of tents.

1) Easy To Carry

If you choose an elevated roof top tent, this means that once the tent is folded down, it will remain in this position until you need it again. This makes it easy to store and transport for whatever location you go camping at next. Your vehicle’s trunk or back end should have no problem holding your rooftop tent when not in use, leaving plenty of room for other camping gear.

Once the tent is in place on your vehicle, it will be secure and safe, allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself while camping rather than fumbling around with a big bulky tent that doesn’t stay in place. Uneven surfaces can pose a problem for setting up tents because they tend to move around when being erected- rooftop tents do not have this issue. You set them up once and don’t need to move them again until you are ready to pack up camp and go home- no matter the terrain under them.

2) A New Experience

Many people who have never slept in a rooftop tent before claim they feel like astronauts or something while using one. While most people find them very comfortable and enjoyable, others enjoy the new experience that this type of tent presents. Rooftop tents give campers a chance to see their surroundings in an entirely fresh way that they might not be able to otherwise with regular ground-level tents.

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3) Protection from Wildlife

Whether you are camping out in your backyard or deep into the wilderness, there is always a chance that you may run into some wildlife while trying to get some sleep. If you choose to use a rooftop tent, it will undoubtedly increase your chances of coming face-to-face with wild animals by giving them few options for getting anywhere near you or your campsite. It makes sense because elevated roofs make it much harder for more giant creatures to sneak up on you undetected.

4) Elevated Sleeping Area

The rooftop tent sleeps an elevated area off the ground, which makes it difficult for animals to sneak into your campsite or come near your tent at night while you are sleeping. An additional benefit comes with this because if it rains while you are camping out, water will not collect around your body and end up soaking all of your gear (and potentially ruining something important such as a sleeping bag).

5) Unlimited Parts/Accessories Available

When it comes to other types of tents, accessories and replacement parts can be hard to find and usually only made by the company who originally sold the product in question. This is not the case with rooftop tents for several reasons. For one, the market is not nearly as saturated with rooftop tents as regular camping tents, so manufacturers have less competition. Another reason is that since your roof top tent does not need to be taken down during transport, it can remain outside of its carrying case at all times. This means that any accessories or replacement parts will always be easily accessible no matter where you go.

Rooftop tents are great for going on a road trip where you will be moving campsites every night. An average rooftop tent usually fits on most standard crossbars or side rails and can quickly be done to round bars, factory racks, and flush mounts.

Here we would like to show you the three best roof top tents that you can currently buy. We recommend that you spend a little more money on a good roof top tent, as you will be impressed by the quality of the roof tent.

Thule Tepui Foothill Low-Profile Rooftop Tent
  • Low-profile, symmetrical design allows the tent to be mounted on either side of your vehicle and easily removed for storage in the off-season
  • Telescopic internal frame poles allow for easy, one-person setup and breakdown
  • Features a wide entry, oversized panoramic rear window and dual skylights for maximum airflow and enhanced stargazing
  • Newly-designed base reduces tent weight while delivering improved strength and stability
NUFR Roof Top Tent Hard Shell
  • Easy to Use: Less Than 60 Seconds Fully automatic setup,Release latches on both ends to open the top roof tent .Roof tent with a telescoping ladder that attaches to either side for easy access。Skip having to set up stakes and pitching a tent on the ground. Simply open up the roof tent and climb in.
  • Quality Materials: The rooftop tent is made of durable ABS hard shell and special Oxford with PU 3000mm waterproof coating, plus a reinforced aluminum alloy /ABS base to resist strong storms and rain, giving you more safety camping experience.
Smittybilt Overlander XL
  • Coyote tan || Stainless steel hinges
  • Heavy-duty 600D rip stop polyester
  • Open size: 122″ W x 76″ L x 51″ H || Load capacity: 770 lbs || Sleeps: 3-4
  • Waterproof || Mosquito screens
  • 60mm high density foam mattress with removable cover
  • Telescoping aluminum ladder || LED strip interior light
  • Anodized aluminum frame poles