Are Rooftop Tents Bad For Your Car?

No, Rooftop Tents are not bad for your car unless you have not read and followed some very necessary and important guidelines before mounting a Rooftop Tent on your car. These guidelines include knowing the capacity and capability of your car, buying the perfect Rooftop Tent as per your needs and most importantly the instructions to use your Rooftop Tent properly and safely.

Rooftop Tents have become excitingly the most valued addition to camping, off-roading and countryside adventure. Day to day rise in the popularity of Rooftop Tents is mainly because of the interesting and attractive features they offer while camping in a totally unexplored and natural campsite.

Rooftop Tents are safer, more comfortable and higher off the ground making your camping one of the best and unique. You wouldn’t want to miss all these while camping in your favorite place and that’s why Rooftop Tents are so popular around the world.

Despite all the features Rooftop Tents provide, there are some guidelines and precautions as well without which using a Rooftop Tent might be the terrible experience you have ever had.

The foremost and most important of everything is your car’s and Rooftop tent’s safety and life. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about your car, you have bought a wrong Rooftop tent or you haven’t read the necessary guidelines that we have brought to help you below then your car and rooftop tent both are at risk to be damaged most likely.

We have mentioned the necessary guidelines you need to read before buying and mounting a rooftop tent on your car. After reading these guidelines you will be able to decide which rooftop tent you need to buy for your car to avoid any bad effect on your car.

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Car’s Information

  1. Capacity:
  • Every car has a specific weight capacity which it can hold and carry in it as well as on its roof.
  • Weight of the persons, luggage in the car and your rooftop tent should not exceed than the weight capacity of your car at any cost.
  • Small cars have lower weight capacities and hence they can hold and carry less weight compared to bigger cars.
  • Jeeps, SUVs, Trucks and other Off-road cars have higher weight capacities and can hold and carry more weight than all other cars.
  • That’s why Jeeps, SUVs, Trucks and other off-road vehicles are best for off-roading and camping used by campers around the world.
  1. Roof Rack:
  • Every car has a factory-installed roof rack which is of different design, quality and capability in different vehicles.
  • A factory-installed roof rack is never the best option to mount a rooftop tent on.
  • Factory-installed roof racks are weak, delicate and do not hold weight especially in bulk and for long time.
  • For your car’s safety you would need a manually-installed roof rack of a kind on your car which can hold the weight of the rooftop tent you have bought for your car.
  • If you have a small car of small roof size then you would need to install a smaller and lighter roof rack only.
  • A Roof rack works almost on any car if the car has roof rails already.
  • For bigger cars there are better, stronger and more durable roof racks which hold and afford the weight of larger and heavier rooftop tents and luggage.
  • A roof rack shall be bought according to the car’s weight capacity and roof size.
  • Some roof racks require brackets, crossbars and other accessories for their proper and undisturbed use. These accessories also strengthen the life and strength of the roof rack.
  1. Buying the perfect rooftop tent:
  • If you have knowledge and information regarding your car’s weight capacity and its roof rack then buying the perfect rooftop tent for your car is not a difficult job at all.
  • For small cars there are smaller rooftop tents in the market which have lower weights and are for less number of persons.
  • If your car is small, make sure you take a rooftop tent for 2 persons maximum so that your car affords it without getting damaged.
  • Bigger cars being strong and having more weight capacities and roof sizes can hold and carry heavier and bigger rooftop tents which are for 4 persons the least.
  • If your car is small so a bigger, heavier and rooftop tent which have higher aerodynamic profile will damage your car and affect its safety.
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Instructions and Precautions:

  • Before going to buy a rooftop tent make sure you have all the necessary information regarding your car’s weight capacity and the type of roof rack installed on it.
  • The total weight in and on the car must not be equal or more than the car’s static and dynamic weight capacity.
  • Mounting a rooftop tent itself affects the driving so adding anything above the rooftop tent as luggage can actually really affect driving as the center of gravity changes as per height of the luggage on the roof.
  • Heavier and bigger rooftop tents along with luggage on a small car damages the roof and hence the car’s safety and value becomes at risk.
  • Be careful while driving and controlling a car which has a rooftop tent on its roof.
  • If you do not have sufficient information regarding the mounting of a rooftop tent to your car then it is very dangerous as both the rooftop tent is at risk and the car will get damaged because of the number of attempts a beginner would do to mount a rooftop tent on the car.

If you have read these instructions and guidelines properly and have made up your mind to buy the perfect rooftop tent then it’s very easier for you because of this information you have regarding your car’s totally weight capacity and size of the roof. All you need to do is check online whether there is a tent that you would want to buy for your car as per your requirements. A proper and flawless installation of a rooftop tent makes your camping experience a highly exciting and luxurious.