Are Rooftop Tents Worth It

Are Rooftop Tents Worth It?

If you are a keen and passionate adventurer or enthusiast of Nature and you haven’t heard about Rooftop Tents yet then please sit tight because you are surely getting highly excited after reading this informative blog of ours about Rooftop Tents.

Planning a trip across the countryside and going out on the first day is easy but there are things which are supposed to be ensured in order to enjoy the trip. The first question that comes to mind is where to stay and how to pick a perfect picnic spot. Not only this but that the picnic spot shall have basic facilities available for tourists as well.

This question does not bother those who have their Rooftop Tents. This is the privilege that you too deserve to have while going out for a trip. Rooftop Tent is an accessory which gives you the facility to spend a night anywhere which is proper for parking car. You wouldn’t worry even a bit about finding a place for night to stay at such as hotel or restaurant. Rather you would want to find any attractive camping site or a proper location to park the car and install the Rooftop Tent on your car and stay as long you would want to.

The installation of a Rooftop tent is very easy task and is fun. All you need to do is park the car perfectly at the place you think you would like to stay at and unfold the Tent on the Roof Rack of the car. There are no poles, tying anything to anything, rather the Tent compatible with your car adjusts nicely and gives you room to stay at your favorite spot in woods or anywhere in the countryside.

Rooftop Tent is definitely an incredible accessory to have in the trip and gives you the luxury to stay at any beautiful picnic spot without a worry but there are some guidelines to know about and follow accordingly in order to have the best experience with your Rooftop Tent. These guidelines given below also answer the common questions you have in your mind about Rooftop Tent.

Which Rooftop Tent should you buy?

Buying the perfect Rooftop Tent depends on few things. Before buying a Rooftop Tent make sure that you have read these guidelines and are fully aware of your needs and preferences.

  • Firstly, if your car has factory installed roof rack then all you need to do is buy a Rooftop Tent which is compatible with your car’s roof rack. If your car does not have a roof rack, there still is nothing to worry about. You can install a quality roof rack on your car as per your needs. There are surely different types of roof racks in the market of Auto-parts. Also, you can replace your car’s roof rack with other roof racks of different quality and capacity after checking your car’s capacity in the car’s manual which mentions how much weight it can carry statically and dynamically. SUVs, Off-road Cars, Jeeps or other Big Cars have better roof racks than other cars in terms of durability and capacity for heavy Rooftop Tents.
  • Secondly, there are two types of Rooftop Tents in terms of capacity. If you go on trips all alone, you would need a small-sized Rooftop Tent which has the capacity of a single person or maximum two. If you plan trips mostly with your friends or family so you would need relatively bigger Rooftop Tent which has space for 4-6 people.
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Which Rooftop Tent is of best quality?

Almost every brand in the market claims their Rooftop Tents to be the best in terms of quality. But actually it depends on the type of material used in making the Tent. In this regard there are two types of Rooftop Tents.

  • Hard Shell Rooftop Tents

Hard Shell Rooftop Tents are made of better material which is durable and defies better against dangerous rains and harsh winds. Tents like these are most commonly made up of Aluminum, Hard Plastic and other pressure-resisting material. Similarly, Hard Shell Rooftop Tents are easily installable as it very simply unfolds on the roof rack of the car and does not require a lot of work to do. Hard Shell Rooftop Tents are mostly smaller in size because of the extra weight and space accommodated by the material. These Tents are perfect for one-person usage or small groups and trips are of long duration and are far in the woods.

  • Soft Shell Rooftop Tents

Soft Shell Rooftop Tents are the most commonly used Tents. These Tents are bigger in size and are lighter in weight too because of which they fit on almost all small cars. But the material used in Soft Shell Rooftop Tents is not durable and capable enough to hold the pressure of heavy rains and dangerous winds. For campers who go up in the mountains and far in the woods it is a bit risky to have a Soft Shell Rooftop Tent. On the other hand, because these are lightweight and bigger Tents that’s why they are perfect for short trips to places where there is less danger of Rains, Winds and animals etc.

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Would you need accessories with a Rooftop Tent?

Yes! You definitely would need some accessories with your Rooftop Tent so that you have the facilities you need while camping somewhere. These accessories make you enjoy the perks of top-notch camping in your Rooftop Tent. These accessories contain a heater, cooler, mat, mattress, annex and boot bags.

  • To heat up your Tent or keep it warm in the winters you would need either a Quilted Insulator in your Tent or a small portable heater will do the best especially in coldest nights of the year.
  • If you plan trips mostly in summers, you would need the type of Rooftop Tents roof of which can be left open. This makes you enjoy starring at stars in the midnight as well as keeps the Tent cold with the natural fresh air being blown into the Tent. Apart from that you would need a small portable fan to keep you feel better in summer nights while camping.
  • Sometime the floor of the Tent gets damped and dusted if used for a long time. To avoid that you would need an anti-condensation mat which keeps the floor of the Tent dry and clean.
  • Some Rooftop Tents already have mattress which can be used as bed. If your Rooftop Tent does not have it then you would need it to if you are more people in the single Tent.
  • A detachable is the cutest accessory of all. It gives you extra space and relatively a feature to make you enjoy the nature around your Tent while it’s raining. You can look through it or put some of your necessary things in the free space.
  • Last but not the least you would need a boot bag to keep the Tent clean by keeping your shoes in it that you wear outside the tent while trekking or hiking.
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How to install a Rooftop Tent on your Car?

It is an excitingly easy task to install a Rooftop Tent on your car. Though it is a fun activity and you can do it anyway but you need to read the instructions given below to do safely and perfectly install your Rooftop Tent on your car without damaging the Tent or the car.

  • First of all open the box and take the Tent out of it.
  • Make sure the Tent is the one which you ordered for your car if you bought it online.
  • There will be some screws, nuts and bolts along with the appropriate screw driver. Take them out of the box and find out the places where they are supposed to be fixed.
  • Lift the Tent up and mount it on the roof rack after properly doing the screws which were required to be done. This includes fixing appropriate screws on different sides of the Roof Rack. Recheck the screws and make sure every screw is perfectly done.
  • Rooftop Tent has a ladder especially if it is a Soft Shell Rooftop Tent. In this regard, make sure you mount the ladder on left or right side of the car and then place the Tent on the Roof Rack. In some Rooftop Tents there are two ladders which are supposed to be mounted on either sides of the car.
  • Finally your Tent is ready to get into. The next thing which remains is taking your necessary things into the Tent such as Heater, Cooler, Annex or Boot Bag.
  • All these instructions play highly important role in your best experience with your Rooftop Tent still if there are any questions or issues regarding the installation of your Rooftop Tent on the rack of your car, you can contact us and our team of experienced members would love to help you have a perfect Rooftop Tent experience.

If you have bought the perfect Rooftop Tent compatible with your car, read the guidelines and followed the instructions properly then there it is hundred percent that you will have the best tour You of your life. Our followers and subscribers from almost everywhere across the world have shared their feedback and stories of how lovely and joyous it was for them to make a trip across the countryside trying Rooftop Tent. We hope that this information helps you getting the best Rooftop Tent You need and want and installing it absolutely flawlessly.