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Choosing the Best Roof Top Tent Heaters

If you love to go camping in winter, the rooftop tent heaters are an optimum choice. These products are the optimum choice for heating the rooftop tent, which generates no or little no carbon monoxide. They play an integral role in keeping you warm during the winter season. They offer improved versatility as you go outdoors. Thus, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation during your trip on cold days.

During the winter season, the tent turns out to be the temporary abode. Hence, it is essential to adopt a suitable means for maintaining the temperature at a healthy and optimum level within the tent. The camping tent heaters are worth mentioning as they allow you to enjoy outstanding scenarios during the time. Besides this, they provide great comfort within the large and small tents under freezing temperatures.

In this guide, we offer information about the best-in-class roof tent heaters which are going to give you warmth safely. We will discuss the leading tent heaters, which stand out of the ordinary in terms of efficiency, performance, and safety features. You can enjoy a unique travel experience as you opt for these tent heaters.

Best Gas tent heaters

Gas heaters run on kerosene, butane and propane which do not include the tip over shut off safety system. However, you are going to feel the warmth instantaneously from such kind of heater.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX

It is one of the leading heaters which boast a compact design. You can use it on propane gas. According to the heat setting, it is going to run for 3-6 hours. Since it includes the integrated fold-down handle, it is easy to change the place of the heater, catering to the needs. Through this product, it is possible to heat the area of around 200-225 sq. ft. Since it includes two different heat settings, you will be capable of changing the heat easily.

Since it provides 4,000 and 9,000 BTU per hour, this heater stands out of the ordinary in terms of efficiency and excellence. Since it comes with a few holes on the heater’s back, you will be capable of mounting it upon the wall at ease. Since it is composed of premium quality materials, you can be ensured that it is going to last longer without causing any extensive damage.


  • Easy cleaning process
  • Better durability
  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Ease of operation
  • Highly portable


  • Absence of medium setting

Mr. Heater MH4B

It is considered to be the prerequisite solution to heat compact spaces, about 95 sq. ft. It comes with the included base, which is going to take lesser space. Through the integrated handle, you will be capable of moving the heater easily. In addition, it provides 3,800 BTU every hour. You can use it on propane gas.

A few of the automatic features of this heater include automatic low oxygen shutoff, accidental tip-over safety shutoff, which provides outdoor safety heat for several years. You need to push and hold the product’s ignition button, followed by which the integrated Piezo Sparking mechanism does the rest. It offers sufficient heat to the tent at 30-degree temperatures overnight. Since it includes a plethora of safety features, you can sleep inside the tent without any worries.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet operation
  • Safety features


  • Not designed for motorized vehicles and golf cart

Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane

It offers a heating power of 2,890 BTU, which is significantly lesser than the other heaters. In spite of the low heating power, it comes with many features that make it the optimum choice for people who love to go camping during the cold season.

It comes with a modest head which will direct in different directions, catering to the needs. Hence, you will have sufficient control over the heater. Since it does not get overheated, you do not need to worry about its safety. By choosing this product, you will be capable of targeting the heat on a specific area, ensuring sufficient warmth and comfort.

It is possible to use it in all kinds of weather without any reduction in efficiency in all kinds of hostile environments. People love this product since it does not produce harmful carbon monoxide flames. It is equipped with durable and powerful stainless steel, which enhances the durability of productivity.

Since it is made of fire-retardant nylon material, you can be ensured that its safety does not get sacrificed. It boasts of an aluminum reflector along with a safety grid which offers good health and optimum safety. As it includes the cool touch technology and outstanding insulation layer, you will be capable of touching it during the run time. This heater includes the large paddle plastic foot, which assures that it will not trip over.


  • Runs on propane
  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Efficient engineering
  • Effective design
  • Durable


  • The heater’s heat is not that adjustable

Mr. Heater MH9BX-Massachusetts

It is a powerful heater that keeps you warm during the winter months. It produces 4,000 and 9,000 BTU power which makes it an excellent choice to warm the area of about 225 sq. ft. People love this product owing to its 100 percent efficiency.

However, the heater might shut down if you try to use it at 7,000 ft height. It comes with a run time of 5.6 hours. The easy-start Piezo ignition system and fold-down handle are the optimum features of this product.

Moreover, it encompasses advanced safety detection systems, including apex 30-degree tip-over detection and a Low Oxygen Safety system. Hence, you can be ensured that you will feel comfortable and confident in different weather conditions.

In addition, it is inclusive of the patented swivel regulation, which ensures hassle-free tank installation. You can connect it to the remote 20 pound tank to generate more heat. Its easy-grip handle facilitates ease of operation. Other optimum features of this unit are the heavy-duty design, heavy-duty wire guard, low and high heat settings, to name a few.


  • Indoor safety design
  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install


  • Clogs easily

DEWALT DXH12B Portable Heater

It has gained high popularity as portable heaters, which include heavy-duty design. With USB charging ports, LED work light and high-speed fan, it is believed to be the suitable choice for camping trips or job sites.

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You can use it to heat the space of around 300 sq. ft. In addition, it is integrated with a low oxygen pilot safety shut off and tip-over shut off safety switch which gives you the ultimate peace of mind. It comes with a run time of about 7 hours.

People prefer to choose this heater over other products since it offers a thick grill along with a durable frame. In addition, it provides three different features, which are powered by the battery. They are the LED lightbar, 3 USB ports, and the fan.

A LED lightbar is present in it, which is powered with DEWALT 20V flexVolt battery. The powerful lightbar offers sufficient working conditions. Its knob is beneficial in starting the heat, thereby maintaining its heat output. The presence of an integrated high-speed fan ensures that heat is circulated evenly. Since it includes the thermoelectric safety valve and factory-installed ODS, you will feel optimum comfort while using this product.


  • Uses propane in lesser quantities
  • Good propane life
  • Quiet
  • Powerful LED work light
  • Two years limited warranty


  • It is a bit difficult to turn the knob from the lighting to the other setting

Wood burning stoves

The wood burning stoves are an excellent alternative if you want to decrease the carbon emissions. You do not need to carry the hassles of finding electric outlets by choosing these burners.

Does it even make sense to operate a wood heater in a tent?

Your camping can be a beautiful experience if you take certain serious safety precautions while using the wood heaters in the tent. If you want to use the wood heater in the tent, you should make sure that the canvas is composed of fire-resistant materials. The lightweight tents feature nylon construction, which is highly inflammable. It would be a good idea to buy a tent which is compatible with these wood heaters.

SoloWilder Camping Tent Stove

Featuring the patented design, this small and portable stove is one of the leading rooftop tent heaters available in the market. Since it does not produce any smoke, you are going to enjoy an outstanding cooking time. As it boasts of a large capacity design, you will use and move it easily.

Apart from the basic cooking function, it offers the prerequisite importance to use a stove within the tent. With the closed stove body, this product becomes a wonderful choice to get heat in the tent. Since it does not leak carbon monoxide, you do not need to worry about safety.

The thicker foldable leg is another trait of this product that decreases the space taken by the stove on a wide scale. So, you will be capable of carrying other types of equipment easily. The manufacturer includes the extractable ashtray within the unit. Hence, if there is excessive wood-burning ash at its bottom, you will be capable of placing the ash by pulling the ashtray out.

The full burning design is a primary feature that enhances the contact area present between the air and wood within the bottom. So, the wood present at the bottom will burn completely. Since it comes with an eco-friendly design, the full combustion will release extra height.

It includes two foldable side shelves which can be used to keep different kinds of camping products. Besides this, you can use it as the handle after the storage. Owing to this, the campers will be capable of carrying it easily. The visual front glass is another exclusive feature that assures that the campers will be adding the firewood at the right time. Hence, it assures that the stove will not go out all of a sudden.


  • Well made
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Portable and small
  • Easy to carry
  • Large capacity


  • Lack of spark arrestor

Fltom Camp Tent Stove

It’s a convenient, user-friendly and multifunctional unit that boasts a portable and detachable unit. Hence, you can be assured that you will be capable of carrying it from one place to the other without any challenges. It utilizes different natural fuel sources such as wood chips, twigs and firewood, to run.

The presence of functional side trays, double walls, and rolled steel construction makes it a good alternative for low and small camping tents. The side trays are regarded as the other prominent feature which adds to the functionality. It is possible to place a plethora of pots during cooking. Hence, it is useful in keeping the food items warm as you are cooking other food items.

The pipe’s offset system is another optimum feature that assures that the stove’s entire top turns into the cooking area. A few of the other characteristics of this heater include the 6-segment pipe, which comes with the pipe holder, the ashtray, L-shaped piece, the top ring plate, the four removable legs, the holders.

It has two different separate inner chambers where the upper part functions as the firebox, whereas the lower part turns into the ashtray. In addition, ventilation openings are present around it, which is responsible for connecting the firebox to the space between the dual walls. Once it reaches the prerequisite temperature, it will function as a heater to offer sufficient heat and warmth to the space during outdoor camping trips.


  • Multifunctional
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Nice construction


  • It burns through the wood too faster

Electric Heaters

The electric heaters are considered to be a perfect investment for the camping trip. They generate sufficient heat to keep you warm. They include a bunch of automatic safety mechanisms which keep them shut during overheating. These products are considered to be a safer choice than gas heaters.

The electric-powered tent heaters are regarded as a budget-friendly choice for those who do not intend to spend a lot of money on fuel. If there is an outlet to plug, you are good to go. People love to choose these products since they do not produce any oxygen. Besides this, you do not need to spend any money to buy propane and different fuel tanks.

There is no point in investing money in electric heaters if they do not have an external power connection. To get electricity outdoors to run the electric heaters, you can opt for the extension cord.

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How do heaters work?

You will find a plethora of heaters of different models and makes in the market. Though most of the furnaces are powered by oil, gas and fossil fuels, the small ones depend on electricity. The electrical resistors are the main component present in the electrical heaters. These heaters are also soaring in popularity as resistance heating units.

As the heater is turned on, the electric current heats the nichrome wire components, which are referred to as the heating coils. The electrical energy gets transformed into heat after the passage of the current via the resistor.

The next phase of the healing process relies on if the heater includes the built-in electric fan. In the presence of the fan, the heater will extract the cold air within the heater. The air is passed onto the heating elements, after which it gets pushed within the room. This process is also referred to as convection heating since the heat is moved across the hair.

In the absence of a fan within the heater, the air will move into the unit. The airflow is passed onto the coils, after which it is heated. Next to this, it will move across the heater’s top.

Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater

This heater is regarded as a wonderful choice for small and medium-sized rooms. It is a convenient choice for people who are looking for some additional heat in the rooms. It is meant to offer warmth in different directions. With a bunch of useful features, it allows you to control the comfort easily.

This heater comes with two different heat settings: low heat and high heat settings. It can produce 3,070BTU units of power. Since it generates heat up to 360 degrees, you will get heat from different angles. If you want to get the heat at better proximity, you should keep it at a low setting. The high heat setting, on the other hand, sends hotter air.

The thermostat is another exclusive feature that helps to set the heater at a specific point. Since the dial does not include any labeling with numbers, you need to check the best point through testing. Speaking of fuel usage, you will witness two different powerful heat settings. At the low setting, you can save an ample amount of energy. However, at the high setting of 1500 watts, you can use it to heat the room faster.

This heater includes a 6 ft long power cord. As the heater is plugged in, you are going to have two unique dials at the front part. The left dial manages the heat setting, and you can pick from High, Low and off options. The thermostat is at the right part of the dial, which will easily enhance the temperature of the thermostat.

Since it features a plastic feel, you can be ensured that it does not get excessively hot from the outside. The tip-over shutoff and auto-shutoff are the primary safety protection features. Once the product falls over, the tip-over shutoff feature is responsible for turning the heater off.

Other safety features include a cool touch carry handle, easy-grip, 2x overheat protection and 360-degree tip-over switch.


  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Good build quality
  • Small size
  • Good functionality


  • Some users complained it to be noisy

Aikoper Space Heater

Since it features ETL certification, you can use it daily without any challenges. It is a wonderful choice for families with active kids, pets. In addition, you can use it as you work, read, watch television, listen to music, and take a nap. Since it produces low noise, it is not going to interrupt your sleep.

This heater has become the latest buzz in the town to offer sufficient warmth. The combination of advanced ceramic PTC heating technology along with an ultra-efficient fan offers a helping hand in heating the area in no time.

Besides this, it is effective in the even distribution of heat. All you need to do is switch the heater on and wait till the count of 3, and in no time, you will enjoy warmth in the office, bedroom, and living room.

The smart tip-over switch and advanced overheat protection sensor contribute to the sensory features. The smart tip-over switch helps in turning it off since it gets overheated. Besides this, it boasts an ergonomic build-in handle, portable and compact design that helps you carry it to any part of the room, catering to your needs.

This product includes an adjustable thermostat which is effective in offering optimum comfort during different times. You require setting the dial to its desired heat setting, after which the thermostat will keep track of the nearby air temperature, thereby ensuring optimum comfort. This space heater includes 3unique heat settings, which are medium, low and high. The fan-only mode is another extensive feature that can be customized according to the requirements.


  • Ideal for a compact house
  • User-friendly
  • Powerful
  • Easy to adjust


  • The outer part of the body gets heated too fast

Factors to consider before buying rooftop tent heaters

Now, we are going to tell you about some features you should take into account before buying the tent heaters:

Weight and size

The rooftop tent heaters are a piece of equipment you will carry during the winter camping adventure. It is going to take a good amount of space in the vehicle and the backpack. If you are going to stay in a single or two-person tent, the small heaters are going to fit within the tent.

The heat output is sure to be enough for the specific space. On the other hand, the large camping heaters that produce higher heat output are considered an optimum choice for the family tent. You can carry portable heaters for climbing, hiking and backpacking.

Hence, you can be ensured that it will fit into the backpack. Besides this, you should make sure to be comfortable with its weight. So, you will be capable of carrying it on your back easily. People planning to choose gas-powered heaters should consider the fuel cylinder’s weight and size.

Heat output

It is necessary to consider the heater’s heat output before purchasing the rooftop tent heaters. The heat output refers to the amount of heat produced by the heater. It is expressed as BTU or British thermal Unit.

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If you have a tent of 32 sq. ft, you will have a smaller heater. On the other hand, the bigger heater is suitable for the tents of 80 sq. ft. It would be a good idea to take the efficiency rating of the heater into account. You should make sure to choose a tent that includes an 85 percent efficient rating.

Energy source

As needed by the heater, the energy source is another worth mentioning feature you should consider. For the gas-powered heaters, you need to bring fuel canisters. The propane tent heaters are going to work properly with the one-pound disposable fuel canisters.

The propane tent heaters are an optimum choice for larger families for the glamping tent or family. It allows you to connect fuel tanks. The electric heaters get powered by the electricity which needs plugging within the electrical outlet.


It is another crucial factor you should take into account. You should go through the product reviews to understand the durability of the product. Hence, you will know about the feedback of the potential users who have used the product already.


It would be good to choose a heater, which comes with a low and high setting. If the tent’s inner part becomes toasty and nice, the low setting would be suitable. It enables you to control the heat level to ensure optimum comfort.

On the other hand, the high setting produces maximum heat output for heating the tent quickly during camping trips. It is useful in decreasing the heat output to a comfortable level.

Fuel type

It is another worth mentioning feature you should consider before buying the tent heaters. Thus, the heaters are sub-categorized into three different types, following the fuel source: electric, gas, and battery.

The gas tent heaters are a suitable choice for the over-Landers and minimalist campers. They are responsible for producing more heat than the battery-powered and electric heaters. Since they are portable and compact, you can move them easily. These products run on butane or propane.

People prefer butane heaters over propane heaters as they generate carbon monoxide in lesser amounts. Hence, they are an optimum choice for tent heating. Since the propane burns slower than the butane, the propane tent heaters are more efficient.

If you have the outlet to plug, you can opt for the electric tent heaters. They are not going to be of any use if you go to a place that does not have electricity and a power source. Speaking of portability, the battery-powered heaters are an excellent alternative. You do not need to carry the hassles of finding the electric outlet or carrying fuel along with you. They are not very heavy owing to which you can carry them easily.

Safety features

There used to be a time when camping heaters were dangerous. You should choose tent heaters, which are equipped with a bunch of safety features. A few of the features you should look for, including low-oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide sensors, auto-shutoff feature, tip-over switch, to name a few.

It is recommended to choose a tent heater that boasts of the auto-shutoff feature. It is useful in avoiding the overheating feature. Since you use the heater within the confined space, tracking the carbon monoxide levels would be good since they can prove toxic.

Generally, gas heaters are equipped with this feature. Few models shut the fuel source automatically once the carbon monoxide reaches a specific level. There are few models which are equipped with the tip-over switch. It will switch the heater off automatically, as it is tipped at a specific angle.

Tent heater FAQ

How long does a gas tank last in operation?

The average portable propane theaters come with the 20lb propane tank which can run for about 10 hours. The larger gas tank is going to last for almost five days.

What is the best way to heat your rooftop tent?

The catalytic propane heater is the most efficient and safest option to heat the rooftop tent since it generates little or no carbon monoxide.

Can you also camp in winter with a heater in the rooftop tent?

Now, it is possible to go camping during the winter season by choosing a heater. You can choose from gas stove heaters, wooden heaters or electric heaters to have an immersive camping experience.

Would you prefer to place the heater in the annex?

You can keep the heater in the annex as it allows the warm air to rise within the rooftop tent. Thus, you will have the desired warmth to keep you comfortable.

What is the Danger from heating in the roof rack tent/risk of poisoning/oxygen / and how to prevent it?

Overheating of the heater can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can prove to be fatal. To prevent this, you should choose the heaters equipped with safety features, such as auto-shutoff feature, carbon monoxide sensor, tip-over switch, and low oxygen sensors.

Can you leave the heating on all night?

You can leave the heater for the night for about five hours. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions to avoid any hazards. It would be wise to open the window on the rooftop tent so that you do not need to worry about poisoning.

Protection circuit when tipping over?

If you find that the breaker will continue tripping, you should not try resetting it repeatedly. The breaker will send a warning each time it trips, leading to electrical fire risks. Instead of resetting it time and again, you should reach out to the professional.

What do you need to operate an electric heater? Solar?

To operate the electric heater, you need to plug it into the outlet. You can keep the heater on the roof where the collector should face the sun, after which it is connected to a consistent water supply.

What kind of heating is recommended?

You can choose from gas tent heaters, electric heaters and wood burning stoves. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons. Out of them, electric heaters are considered 100 percent more efficient.

The roof top tent heater is an optimum choice to enjoy the optimum comfort and warmth during camping. The heaters of today come with a plethora of safety features for heating a roof top tent. Hence, you do not need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.