Roof Top Bag adventages

Roof Top Bag Advantages Over Roof Top Boxes

In our busy schedules don’t we all crave to go on a road trip with our families? Those long roads, beautiful sceneries, and that soft breeze. And once we have planned our road trip the most important concern we have is where to keep our luggage. The car becomes so small to stuff all our luggage when going with a lot of people mainly family and friends.

In case of this, you need a good rooftop bag that can hold all your luggage and you have the entire car space to enjoy the journey. A lot of people do get confused between buying a rooftop bag and a rooftop box. Here is an article that will help you to choose and decide which one is a better option for you.

Roof Top Bag

A rooftop bag is an incredible way of carrying your luggage when on a road trip. It is a type of luggage carrier but in the form of a bag that is attached to the top of your car. This helps you in keeping all the essentials and all your luggage without eating up space in your car. It is a flexible and nice option that can make your road trips more spacious and memorable with more people.

Roof Top Box

A rooftop box is also a type of goods carrier but this is in the form of a box. It is also attached to the top of your car but is a hard box that is not very flexible. It also helps you in saving up space in the car but because it is a hard box it is prone to get hit by trees and fall off. This roof top box is not as convenient as the roof top bag but serves the same purpose.

Difference Between A Roof Top Bag And A Roof Top Box

Here are a few differences between the rooftop bag and the rooftop box that will help you understand them both.

The rooftop box is an amazing option product and can work with the roof rack and without it as well. However, it takes up a lot of space and cannot be dismantled. It also takes up a lot of space in the garage as well or wherever it is kept. It also cannot be removed when you don’t need it.

On the other hand, a rooftop bag can be folded and kept in a corner in the garage or even in the car and it will not even take a lot of space. The best part about it is it can be removed and kept when not in use. A roof top bag can give you 18 feet of space and is untearable and rip-proof too. The roof top bags are cheaper and a better option in terms of money and are easily affordable.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roof Top Bag

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a roof top bag


  • Can be removed when not in use
  • Saves spaces
  • Can be folded and kept in one corner
  • Holds on tight to the car
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly flexible
  • Has several pockets and compartments on the outside to store smaller items


  • Can tear with very high force

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roof Top Box

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a rooftop box.


  • Has a lot of space
  • Highly durable
  • Does not tear or break


  • Heavy weighted
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Cannot be removed easily
  • Takes a lot of space to store it in the garage
  • Does not have compartments
  • Not very flexible

Which Is Better?

Coming back to the main and most important question; which one is better, a roof top bag or a roof top box? So here is what I feel. In my opinion, a roof top bag is a way better option than a roof top box. They both make a very good goods carrier or a luggage carrier but a roof top bag has added advantages over a roof top box. A roof top bag holds on tight to the car because of the strapping and is easily tightened according to the need. This feature is not possible for a roof top box and it can maybe break and fall off when hit by something as it has a hard shape.

A roof top bag is highly flexible and helps you in saving up a lot of space in your car. Once you are done with the trip you can fold it or roll it up and toss it in any corner you want and it will not take even half the space as of the roof top box. Also, a roof top bag is highly durable and lightweight. It allows the car to move swiftly because it has very minimal weight, unlike the roof top box. A roof top bag is so well designed that you can keep stuffing it with your camping equipment and your luggage and you would still have space left to stuff more.

The bag is made in a way where you can increase the bag size by opening inside spaces which is not possible in a roof top box. Most importantly the roof top bag is cheaper. Yes, it is cheaper than a roof top box and can be easily affordable for everybody who needs it. A roof top box is not very cheap and cannot be afforded that easily. The roof top bag does not have a definite shape and it takes the shape of the things inside. Therefore in my opinion the best choice is to go with the roof top bag.

Points To Consider Before Buying a Roof Top Bag

Even after knowing which type of luggage carrier to buy it can be very difficult to choose the best product. You can get the best type of rooftop bags for your car at Amazon. You can get a huge variety to choose from on this website and each item is incredible. Here are a few points you can consider before you choose to buy a roof top bag.

  • Compatibility: The roof top bag you buy needs to set well with your car. Think about which type of bag you want and whether it will fit your car or not. There are several different types of bags that can be on the list when you choose one. There are bags for SUVs and even sedans so go for a rooftop bag for your car that not only fits well but also looks great and on it. There are universal roof top bags too that fit almost all types of cars so if you want to get a roof top bag that can fit in any car your car as well as your friend’s car then consider going for the universal roof top bags.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: Nobody wants their belongings to get wet in the rain and the electronic equipment to stop working. You must choose a roof top bag that is waterproof and will prevent your belongings from getting wet or getting damaged. Choose the bag that has a waterproof coating not only on the outside but on the inside too. Also, choose the ones with urethane-coated zips that will make sure that no moisture can go inside the bag.
  • Size: One of the most important things you need to consider is the size of your roof top bag. Choose a roof top bag for your car that will fit perfectly on your car. If you have a bigger car then go for a bigger roof top bag. It is very important to also understand how many people you generally travel with. This will determine the number of luggage or tents or equipment. Also, think about everything you need to pack in that bag and then finally choose a size. has numerous sizes that can be very helpful for you when you try to choose one for yourself.
  • Shape: The shape of the roof top bag is very important. You would not want to choose a bag that is small in shape on an SUV. The shape not only made the car top look better but also added to the aesthetic. Think about clicking selfies showing off the car and your roof top bag is in the shape of a huge over-fitted ball. It would completely ruin the picture. Also, make sure to buy the roof top bag that has an aerodynamic choice to it. This will reduce the noise of the wind and will be a less noisy option.
  • Strapping: The straps are the ones that hold the bag firmly to the car and do not let it move. So choose a bag with a good strapping that you can adjust according to your choice whenever required. Also, check that the straps have tight and good clips attached to them that are secured well. So that it does not open on the journey.
  • Durability: Don’t we all want the most durable roof top bag for our cars. Would you choose to buy such a bag that will not last very long and would end up wasting your money? It is important to check which roof top bag is the most durable and will be worth the money you are spending on it. Choose that bag that can protect all your belongings from the heavy wind, bad weather, and even birds. Make sure you choose the best and most durable roof top bag for your car. This will not only value your money but will make sure it does not tear off while you are on the trip and spoils all your fun.
  • Security: Safety and security are first so make sure to choose a roof top bag that comes with a safety and security lock. This will not only keep your belongings safe but will also not let them fall off. So you can finally enjoy the road trip without any tension of your belongings falling off or getting lost. Also, choose the roof top bag that is made up of strong and hard material. This will make sure that the bag does not rip open or tear.
  • Accessibility: As we all understand that roof top bags come in several types, styles, and shapes. There are roof top bags that only open from one particular rear and there are few others that open from several rears. So choose a bag that is versatile and easy to unlock from several places so that you do not have to struggle to open the roof top bag hanging on to your car. There are roof top bags that open from dual opening too so choose the one which suits you the best.
  • Price: And last but not least do not forget to check the price. Generally, roof top bags are cheaper than roof top boxes but it is also very important that you choose the one with the best features that will value your money. A lot of people end up buying highly expensive bags that don’t even last that long. So make sure you do not do this same thing and research all the qualities and features and especially think about the price before you purchase the roof top bag for your car. This is like a one-time investment buy the best option and then it can go on for years without any problem.

Final Words

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A roof top bag for your car is a necessity if you are a person who loves road trips. A roof top bag can help you save a lot of space and is not very expensive. It can save up a lot of space in your car and can help you have a good trip. A roof top bag is a better option according to me because of its flexible size and shape. To buy a good roof top bag make sure you consider these points so that you can get the best roof top bag for your car. You can get the best roof top bags for your car at Amazon.