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Where Can I Rent A Roof Top Tent?

Would you like to test a roof top tent? In this article we will show you where and how you can rent a roof top tent to see if a roof top tent is right for you and your family.

Roof top tents are great for camping, but first you want to know what it’s like to camp in a roof top tent? Especially if you’ve never owned a roof top tent or want to test whether you like sleeping on the car roof. We can understand that very well! So we looked around the internet for you and found a platform where you can rent a roof top tent. So you can rent the roof top tent for a weekend or a whole week and simply send it back to the vendor after the rental period.

If you like camping with a roof top tent, then you can buy your own roof tent.

Why is it so convenient to rent a roof top tent?

If you rent a roof top tent, you can either pick it up from the vendor directly or you can simply have it sent to you in a large package.

After the rental period is over, you can simply bring the roof top tent back to the lessor or you can pack it up again and send it to the lessor.

Renting a roof top tent is ideal for many people, as the purchase price is very high if you buy a roof top tent. Renting a roof top tent also has the advantage that you can try out different manufacturers, styles and variants and then later buy the best suitable model.

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Just test different roof top tent models before you decide on a particular model and then buy it new from a dealer.


Earn money by renting roof top tents

You can also earn money by renting out your own roof top tent. If you own a roof top tent and not currently using it and it is sitting in your basement or garage and only collect dust, why not just rent it out and earn money with it? You can easily offer your roof top tent for rent on the rental platform and earn money passively.

We have found the best platform for camping gear rental and have tested this rental platform for you.

You can register an account very easily and free of charge and post as many articles as you want (not only roof top tents). The platform not only offers roof top tents, on this platform you can offer everything for rent that has to do with camping and outdoor.

You determine the daily prices and the shipping costs within the united states or canada yourself and you can also set a “security deposit”.

Simply put as much camping equipment online as you want, the tenants can find your products using a search function on the platform.

A little tip: if you create a good description, upload a lot of pictures and set a good price, the chances are high that your camping gear will be rented out quickly.


How much is the rental price for a roof top tent?

The price for renting a roof top tent differs from vendor to vendor . On the platform, every vendor can set their own prices and is not bound to any price plan.

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On average you have to calculate around 30 dollars per day for a roof top tent. If you want to rent the roof top tent for a longer period of time, the lessor may also offer a discount for a longer period of time. But you also have the option of communicating directly with the vendor on the rental platform and negotiating a certain price.

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Remember, however, that you always have to pay a “security deposit” when renting, which you will get back after the rental period. This security fee serves to protect the vendor. It can always be the case that there are “black sheep” between the tenants who damage the roof top tents or other camping equipment. So the vendor is covered. But if you return the roof top tent in perfect condition, you will of course get the security deposit back in full.

Take a look around the rental platform, there you will definitely find the right camping equipment. If you need more information, you can also check out’s YouTube channel.