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Best Camping Mattress For Roof Top Tents

The sun is still a long time coming, but camping is always possible, especially on the roof of your car. And here you can find out which mattress is the right one for you and your roof top tent. The right mattress is very important for a good night’s sleep. If you sleep well and comfortably in your roof top tent, you have the energy you need for your next camping adventure.
The range of mattresses on the outdoor market is large: sleeping mats, self-inflating mattresses, inflatable with an integrated pump or with an additional pump. In this report, we will go into the properties of the different types of mattresses and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different models.

We have tested all of the mattresses presented here ourselves in our roof top tents, so we believe that we can make a qualified statement about camping mattresses here.

Since the different roof top tents often differ greatly in size or width, we are also showing you mattresses and sleeping pads for one person here. For example, you can buy two camping mattresses or two sleeping pads and place them next to each other to achieve the right width for your roof top tent.

Sleeping mats

Sleeping mats are the “classic” camping mats. Made of compact foam, the sleeping mat has very good insulation and is robust. The majority of sleeping mats weigh between 200 and 500 grams. Thanks to the machined surface, sleeping mats are always non-slip, so that the sleeping bag sticks to the sleeping mat. So it can’t happen that you find yourself on the hard floor at some point in the night.

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The sleeping mat is an all-rounder: it can be used as a seat cushion for a lunch break, as a material protection, as a pad when sunbathing or to sit by the campfire, as a yoga mat and much more. When it comes to insulation and comfort, the thickness is decisive: Sleeping mats are available in thicknesses from 5 to 19 mm, depending on the brand. One thing is clear: the thicker the more comfortable and warmer. The large pack size can be a disadvantage on long trekking tours or in the alpine area. Thanks to their very efficient insulation, sleeping mats are perfect companions for family camping trips, short hiking tours, festivals and extremely cold regions.

Advantages– good isolation
– non-slip
– universally applicable
– robust
Disadvantages– large pack size

Self-inflatable mat

Contrary to popular belief, the self-inflating mat is not just filled with air. It is a foam mat that is surrounded by an airtight cover. Therefore, you should never blow in (with the thought of having to inflate it), because this would bring moisture into the foam layer, which can lead to the risk of mold formation. Usually there is a smooth, dirt-repellent fabric on the underside and a non-slip layer on the top that prevents the sleeping bag from sliding down.


Self-inflating mattresses are among the most popular mats because, in addition to very good insulation, they also offer super comfort (depending on the thickness) and all at a fair price. Although they are quite sturdy, they stand behind the sleeping mats on this point. Usually they come with a repair kit. They are perfect for camping, longer hiking tours and expeditions. The self-inflating mat should be rolled out at home and stored with the valves open to maintain the elasticity of the foam.

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Advantages – rutschfest
– robust
Disadvantages – heavier than normal sleeping mats

Inflatable mats

Inflatable mattresses come in many designs. The further development in the field of camping mattresses brings us many light variants on the market. For example, there are mats that are manufactured with an integrated hand pump. Comfort and light weight are the main advantages of these mats. Some versions weigh only 540 grams at a thickness of 5 cm.


The pack size is also significantly reduced. Therefore, these products are particularly suitable for the alpine area, but also delight hikers on longer tours. But lightness comes with compromises: the main disadvantage of these mats is their sensitivity. Despite the hard-wearing outer coating, they are more sensitive than sleeping mats and self-inflating mats. But in case of an emergency on the way, these mats are usually also equipped with a repair kit.

Advantages – Pack size
– comfortable
– light weight
Disadvantages – sensitivity
– a separate pump may have to be purchased

Which mattress or sleeping bag is best for roof top tents?

We have made the experience that the best sleep on double air mattresses. Not only is the sleeping comfort excellent, it is also very easy to use. Our test winner, “Naturehike TPU Double Air Mattress“, should be the first choice if you need a mattress for your roof top tent. This mattress is also ideal for ground tents.

But if you have a smaller roof top tent, you can also buy a single mattress and then add another mattress to it.

Here we would like to introduce you to what we believe to be the best mattresses and sleeping pads for your roof top tent. These camping mattresses are also ideal for ground tents.

Main Features Our Score Check The Price Online
Best overall
Naturehike TPU Double air Mattress Camping
Naturehike TPU Double air Mattress Camping
  • Support a variety of inflation methods
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike TPU Air mattress Camping Pad with Pillow
Naturehike TPU Air mattress Camping Pad with Pillow
  • Rhombic trachea design
  • Nylon TPU
  • Small size and light weight
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike TPU Double Sleeping pad With Pillow
Naturehike TPU Double Sleeping pad With Pillow
  • Rhombic trachea dispersing pressure
  • Composite pressing process
  • Small size and light weight
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike Single Double Self Inflating sleeping pad
Naturehike Single/Double Self Inflating sleeping pad
  • Sleep protection
  • Moisture absorption
  • Cheap price
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike Single Double Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad
Naturehike Single/Double Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike Foam camping Mattress
Naturehike Foam camping Mattress
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Dirt resistant
  • Automatic inflatable
4.9/5 Stars
Naturehike Blackdog Cotton Camping Sleeping Pad
Naturehike-Blackdog Cotton Camping Sleeping Pad
  • Double PVC fabricDirt resistant
  • Black technology
4.9/5 Stars