Camping Activities

Best Activities While Camping

Do you often go camping with your family or friends? Then it must have happened to you before that you thought about what you could do now. In this article we would like to introduce you to a few things that you can do during your camping trip.

Before you go to the campsite, compile a list of activities that you can do together every day. So you already have a good plan of what you can do during your vacation and how, for example, you can keep your children busy every day.

Allow yourself a few days off in between, when you or your family can plan spontaneously. Maybe there are also exciting activities at the holiday destination that you haven’t even known about until now. But you can make a section on your list of activities with important activities and a few activities that are included in an emergency.

There are also certain days when you just want to relax and lie in the hammock. But remember that your children are very energetic. So take enough toys or painting utensils with you that your children can occupy themselves with on their own.

Activities for the whole family

When you go camping with your family, of course, you always have to provide variety and fun, otherwise it gets boring and it was the last time you went camping together. But of course there are great activities that you can do together as a family. Here I would like to show you a few activities that you and your family will definitely enjoy.

Hiking: Bring a pair of good shoes for everyone that are suitable for a hiking tour. Find a great destination where you can hike. Also pack enough to eat and drink so that you can have a great picnic in the great outdoors.

Archery: Archery is a great sport for the whole family. If you are camping in a place where you have enough space around you, then get yourself a bow and suitable protective equipment and a few target cards. Of course, you have to be very careful and set up your target in such a way that no one is endangered even if you missed it. You should also remember that your children must not be too young, otherwise there is of course a great risk of injury. You can find the right bows and the right equipment here, for example.

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GPS navigation: A great pastime is, for example, navigating outdoors using a GPS device or a compass. Get a small and inexpensive GPS navigation device and set the destination where the GPS device should navigate you. Now you give it to your friends, your wife or your children and they have to find the right place. Of course you go to this place and wait for them with a great BBQ. Of course, do not choose the route that is to be run too short or too long. After all, you have to get back to your camp in the evening. Take a look at this inexpensive navigation system, this is completely sufficient for small tours.

Stand Up Padlling or a tour by canoe or inflatable boat: This activity always depends on the circumstances where you are. Of course you need a lake or a river nearby. You also need the right equipment, of course! Maybe your campground even has a boat or canoe rental where you can borrow equipment. But if there isn’t a rental shop nearby, you can of course buy the necessary equipment. An inflatable boat for the whole family is no longer too expensive. Have a look here, there you can buy cheap inflatable boats and other watersports equipment.

Stand Up Padlling is also a great activity that you can do with the whole family. Either you will find a place where you can borrow a stand up paddle board, or you have a look HERE, there you can buy a stand up paddle board and equipment at a reasonable price.

Do a sports tournament: What kind of sport do you like most? Soccer, football, basketball, etc…? Have a tournament on one day in which you always form different teams and then play against each other.

Activities for children

Especially if you have children with you on your camping trip, it is important that you keep the children occupied and happy. Children get bored quickly and then their mood can quickly change and it can be exhausting for you. To avoid this, I would like to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can keep your children busy during a longer camping holiday.


A scavenger hunt: For example, in the forest, there are various instructions that the children have to follow. This is a very exciting game for children and can keep your children busy for a long time. You can also build small puzzle games into the scavenger hunt where your children have to think about something and combine different clues. At the end of the scavenger hunt, when the children have reached the last station, you can build in a prize, for example a few sweets or maybe another surprise.

Painting: Take some paper and lots of colored pencils with you. Let your children draw the experiences of the day or draw animals that the children saw during the day in the forest or during the hike.

Build a hut out of wood: For example, if you have set up your tent or roof top tent in the forest, you can build your own little hat out of wood and branches with your children. Once it’s finished, your children can play there and let their creativity run free.

Playing by the water: Do you have a lake nearby? Children love to play in the water! Buy a small inflatable boat and let your children drive around on the nearby shore. If you also have a few paddles with you, your children can also go on small boat tours on the water. But always make sure that your children wear good life jackets! If you should fall into the water, it can quickly become dangerous. And only give your children the inflatable boat if they can swim! Please also always pay attention to your children when they are in the water and never let them out of your eyes, if something really happens you can intervene so quickly.

Build your own raft: Try to build your own raft that can also carry you. Find a couple of tree trunks and take some cord with which you can tie the tree trunks together. Tried to build such a big raft that can swim and can even carry several people. Here I also have a picture that shows you how the raft has to look like so that it can float later. This is of course a good way to spend a whole day building the raft.

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Take a short hike at night with torches or flashlights. It is a great experience when you and your children go on a little hike with torches or flashlights at night and explore the forest or the fields in the dark. Your kids will love it!

Your own campfire. Make a campfire and tell yourselves stories or maybe even ghost stories. It’s best to bring a couple of marshmallows with you, which you can roast over the fire and then eat with relish.

Watch shooting stars or show your children the planets that can be seen in the sky at night. This is very exciting and exciting for your children and you can also convey useful knowledge to them. Of course I know that you are probably not very familiar with stars either, but I have a few tips for you. Print out a few maps of the stars at home and take these maps with you and you can then try to identify these stars and constellations in the evening. There are also various apps that you can download onto your smartphone and that make it easier for you to identify the different stars and constellations.

Identify animals and plants. Children love to research and discover new things. Lie down somewhere in the grass and wait for birds or other animals and write down which animals you saw. You can do the same with plants. Look for plants that are particularly interesting and try to identify them. This can be done either by taking a book with all the plants or by downloading an app that can identify plants and animals.


The most important thing is that you associate every excursion and activity with great memories. Reward your children, for example, in the evening or after the activity with an ice cream or a great drink. Your children can look forward to tomorrow and the next activity.