roof tents are cool

13 Reasons Why Roof Tents Are Cool

Why roof tents? Why not just a mobile home, caravan, panel van, bus or van? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier? And warmer? And more relaxed? And safer? And drier? And anyway …?

Of course – but roof tents have something!

Roof tents are kind of special. Roof tents are inside but outside anyway. It is a space and yet it is not a space. It is camping and yet not camping. It’s protected and then somehow open. It’s elevated, but not too high. It’s alone and yet somehow connected. It’s private but also kind of public. It’s easy, but still tough at times.

Roof tents are something in between. It’s not a classic camper, nor is it sleeping outdoors. Roof tents cannot be described in one word. It is a feeling. It is an expression, an attitude, an attitude towards life. It is freedom, closeness to nature, oneness, with oneself and everything around.

Roof tents is adventure

Every time. No day is like the other. Every night is different. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Sometimes dry, sometimes wet. Sometimes exciting, sometimes relaxed. Sometimes tough, sometimes cozy. Sometimes incredibly romantic and then again really annoying. Everything is in there. And best of all: you don’t know what is coming beforehand.

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Roof tents is pure nature

In the roof tent you are exposed to the forces of nature. When it pours properly, storms and snows, it can quickly become a bit uncomfortable in the roof tent. But that’s what makes it all. Not always sunshine, but feel nature as it is. Pure and up close.

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Roof tents is enjoying the view

Anyone who has ever lay in a roof tent, unzipped the morning, blinked in the sun and enjoyed a breathtaking view, knows what roof tents mean. The incredible expanse of the sea, the breathtaking view of a mountain range, the wide valley or the endless steppe. Cuddled up in the roof tent lie with a tent roof over your head and just enjoy. Priceless.

Roof tents is standing over it

Somehow you stand above things with a roof tent. Literally. Roof tents are always on top, you keep track of things. Nothing can harm you so easily. And somehow you feel safe up there. Safer than down on the floor. In relation to wild animals, this may even be correct, otherwise it is more of a romantic idea. But at least. It’s about the feeling.

Roof tents is a child

Who didn’t like building caves in the past, climbing everywhere or hiding in tree houses? Every child does this. That is why children particularly love roof tents. And the child in us remembers how beautiful that was. Climb up, withdraw, look out and forget the world around you.

iKamper SKYCAMP 2 0 3

Roof tents are practical

Every everyday vehicle can be converted into a camper in no time at all. The roof tent can even stay on the car in everyday life and does not interfere there. The entire vehicle interior remains free for people, becomes storage space or simply living space. Nevertheless, the bed on the roof is always with you.

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Roof tents is cheap

Well, roof tents are a very expensive proposition to buy. Especially when you buy it new. But roof tents can also be bought second-hand or rented. Roof tents have a low depreciation and hardly need to be serviced and looked after. You usually pay the lower tariff on ferries, campsites, parking lots and toll roads. In addition: once installed on the car roof, you only increase the fuel consumption of the car minimally.

Roof tents are compact

Anyone who likes things simple and compact, as luxurious and large, is well advised with a roof tent. When folded, they take up hardly any space or occupy a space that is otherwise not needed. This is why the folding roof tents are so popular with off-roaders. That’s gold when it comes to vehicle dimensions. Sometimes you can even drive in underground garages, meander through the narrowest village streets and fit into the smallest parking lot.

Roof tents is easy

Roof tents are quick to assemble. Roof tents fit on every car. The only thing you need are the right carriers. Two people, 3/4 hour of work and the adventure can begin. No wild technology, nothing you don’t understand after a short introduction or quickly explain yourself.

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Roof tents are quick

Depending on the tent, the bed can be set up in 20 seconds. No rummaging around, no remodeling. Unfold, get in, lie down, done. Do not forget to brush your teeth! Good night!

Roof tents go anywhere

Whether on the campsite, in the wilderness, in the forest, by the water, in front of the lake, on the mountain or in the city. A small piece of earth or a parking space is enough – maybe two – and then the tenting adventure can begin. Incidentally, roof tents don’t just fit on the car roof. It can just as easily be mounted stationary on trailers, commercial vehicles, boats or just anywhere in the garden, on the house or in a tree.

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Roof tents are communicative

Ok, you’re a little more conspicuous than in a darkened van, but you always have nice conversations. Because most people have never seen rooftop tents in action. They usually approach with interest and if you don’t look that grim, they also ask a lot of questions. As a roof tent nomad you are never alone. Unless you want it that way. To do this, you just go where it’s lonely.

Roof tents are fun

There are seldom people who do not like camping on the car roof at all. The first night usually takes a little getting used to. Too much distraction, too many noises that you normally don’t hear inside, being outside, the cool air and the thoughts about “and what if someone comes now?”. But when your head calms down and you can switch off, then it will be fun. Who hasn’t rotted all day in the roof tent, performed the wildest tricks up there or watched the neighbors through a slit in the zipper?

Roof tents means live, breathe, feel, enjoy. That’s what makes it so special.

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