Hot Water Heater For Winter Camping

A hot water heater is almost indispensable for winter camping. But even if you like to take a warm shower or want to wash off your clothes with warm water, a warm water heater is indispensable.

In this article, I would like to show you how you can retrofit a hot water heater almost anywhere. This is particularly useful when you are traveling with your RV, pop-up camper, or rooftop tent in colder temperatures. The systems presented here are ideal for use in mobile situations.

It’s also not that difficult to retrofit a warm water heater in your RV. Today’s camping warm water heaters can be easily integrated into existing systems. Usually, it is only a compact device that has to be connected to water and electricity. There are also camping water heater systems that run on gas and work even more effectively.

What types of camping water heaters are there?

There are basically two different types of camping water heater systems. Both systems can be permanently installed in the RV or pop-up camper. The systems differ in how the water in the system is heated.

Water heating with gas: If the water in the system is heated with gas, this has the advantage that you can work relatively independently. The only thing you need is to connect a gas bottle to the camping water heater. Or you connect the water heater to the existing gas distribution system.

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If you want to run a camping water heating system with gas, you have to be very careful with the connection. The gas connections must be 100% tight and checked regularly. Therefore, the connection of the gas lines should be left to a professional.

If you want to operate a gas camping water heater, you should always install a gas detector in the RV or camper for safety reasons, which will quickly warn you of possible leaks.

Water heating with electricity: heating water with electricity has the advantage that you don’t have to take gas bottles with you. Electric water heating systems also have the advantage that the water can be heated to a higher level.

When you arrive at the campsite, you can simply connect your RV to the campsite’s electrical network and you have hot water. But if you camp away from public campgrounds, it is usually difficult. Then you need to operate the camping water heating system, for example, a petrol or diesel generator or a solar power generator that supplies the water heating system with electricity.

These are the three best hot water heaters for camping

Here I would like to introduce you to what I think are the three best camping hot water heaters. Here I would like to introduce you to one good gas water heater and two good electric camping water heaters for camping use.

You can easily retrofit both water heater systems for camping in almost every camper.

Instant Electric Water Heater For Camping

This system works with up to 3800 watts of power and can be easily integrated into the onboard power supply. The water heating system is relatively easy to assemble. The box is simply screwed on. fixed to the wall and then connected to the water pump.

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The system has different heating levels. So you can adjust the temperature optimally to your needs. If you only need warm water for showering, you can turn the heating system down. This system is suitable for RVs, Camper vans, Pop-Up campers, and even boats.

Here you will find the product and further information about the product.

Electric Water Heater Mini Tankless Instantaneous Water Heater

This 5500-watt water heater has an enormous heat output. Due to its high performance, the system can heat a lot of water very quickly. Ideal for several peers who use a lot of hot water.

The system requires a 220-volt connection and should therefore be integrated into the vehicle’s electrical system by an expert.

The system can be purchased directly with a shower head or without it in order to integrate it into the onboard network.

The inlets for cold water and the outlet for warm/hot water are color-coded, so there is hardly any risk of confusion.

On the shop page, you can see many more details and also see more product images. You will also find detailed data on the camping water heating system there.

6-18L 20KW Propane Camping Hot Water Heater

With this gas-powered camping water heater, you are no longer dependent on a power source. If your RV or camper van has a gas cylinder/gas supply, you can connect this water heater to the internal gas network.

This gas camping water heater has three connections: gas connection, cold water input, and hot water output. This makes installation and connection very easy.

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The built-in water tank is constantly kept at the temperature you set. When you no longer need the device, you can simply switch it off with a button. You can also easily adjust the temperature with a rotary knob.

For more information about this gas water heater, you can visit the shop page.


A hot water heater can be very useful. Especially if you go camping in colder temperatures, or even in winter. A hot water heater can easily be integrated into an RV or camper van.

Connecting the hot water system is relatively easy. You only need a water supply with a pump that pumps the cold water through the water heater and a connection to the internal electricity or gas mains.

Depending on the performance of the water heater, several people can use hot water one after the other when showering.

When connecting the water heating system, always pay attention to safety and always have the system installed and connected by experts. Especially with gas water heaters, attention must always be paid to the safety and tightness of the system.