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This Keeps Your Tent Cozy And Warm | The Best Tent Heater For The Winter

Are you one of those people who want to camp all year round? Then you probably know the problem that, due to the low insulation of the tents, it can get very cold very quickly in the tent, RV or in the roof top tent. Then camping in nature is no longer fun if you have to freeze all night long. Even in spring or even in summer the nights can get very cold, it depends on the area in which you are camping. Even the best winter sleeping bags only keep you warm to a limited extent, because your face, for example, is exposed to the cold at night.

For this reason, I would like to give you a recommendation on how you can keep your roof top tent or your RV nice and warm all night or all day.

There is nothing better than coming into your tent after an extensive hiking tour and being nice and warm there.

Diesel air heating is ideal for quickly heating a room to a comfortable temperature. You can place the diesel heater a little further away from your campground and put the warm air hose in your roof top tent or your camper. I recommend that you position the diesel air heater in such a way that the sound is attenuated as well as possible. When it snows outside, it is best to build a sound-absorbing wall of snow or branches around the generator. Even if modern diesel heaters have good silencers, not all noises can be completely reduced.

Especially if you want to operate the diesel air heater at night, it is important that you provide good additional sound insulation. Place the diesel generator so that the noises are swallowed up. As already mentioned above, you can build a wall of snow, branches or stones around the generator.

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Diesel consumption

The modern diesel heat generators no longer consume a lot of fuel. If you buy a modern diesel heat generator, one tank of diesel fuel is enough for a whole day of warm air, even in cold nights. Here is an example of a modern diesel air heater: Fuel Consumption (L / h): 0.1 – 0.24 L / 0.026 – 0.063 Gal.

As you can see, you don’t need a lot of fuel to be supplied with pleasant warmth all day and night long.

Modern technology

The latest diesel air heaters also have technical innovations such as LCD screen and remote control for easy control of the generators. This means that if you position your new diesel generator a little distance away from your campground, you don’t always have to walk to the generator to switch it on and off, you can simply use the remote control to control the device, which is very practical, especially when you have it have already made yourself comfortable in your tent with a book and a cup of tea!

The costs

We have selected a few good and inexpensive models for you to be able to give you our product recommendations. You have to spend around $ 200 to $ 350 for a good diesel air heater. Of course there are also more expensive models, but these are usually too oversized for a camping trip.

If you see cheaper devices in stores or in an online shop, you should always be careful. Most of the time, the built-in components are not of high quality and the generator can quickly become defective.

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The modern air heaters have safety circuits that switch off the device automatically if the device gets too hot or falls over. Then the devices switch off immediately and there can be no fire. Nevertheless, you should always position the generator in such a way that there are no flammable objects in the immediate vicinity. Also never place the reserve fuel can in direct proximity to the generator, the heat radiation can heat the fuel can, which could be dangerous in the long run. So always pay attention to the safety and a good location of the generator!

The size of the diesel air heater

The modern diesel air heaters are very compact today. So you can easily transport the generator in your trunk. The generators that I recommend in this article are about 10x15x10 inches, so you can see that an air heater doesn’t take up much space and you can always pack it with you as an emergency if it gets cold during the camping trip.

Do i need an external battery?

Yes, you need an external 12 volt battery to operate the diesel air heater. However, this battery is only required to operate the electronic control. So not much electricity is needed from the battery. So you can either use a 12 volt car battery or a small and compact 12 volt battery from a motorcycle. The batteries are not heavily used, so the batteries last a long time.

TypeProduct ExampleRemarks
Diesel Air HeaterVEVOR 3 / 5 / 8KW Diesel Air HeaterVery compact device. Equipped with LCD display and remote control.
Diesel Air HeaterVEVOR 8KW Diesel Air HeaterVery compact device. Equipped with LCD display and remote control. A little bigger.
Diesel Air HeaterVEVOR 5KW Diesel Air HeaterVery compact device. Various equipment options available. Comes with a lot of accessories.
VEVOR 3 / 5 / 8KW Diesel Air Heater
VEVOR 8KW Diesel Air Heater
VEVOR 5KW Diesel Air Heater