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What Is The Best 6 Person Rooftop Tent?

Rooftop tents have made off-roading, camping and adventure exuberant and exciting. These tents have become famous worldwide for the facilities and benefits they offer. There are rooftop tents for a single person, for a couple, for a group of friends and family. This blog is about the best rooftop tents for a group of 6 persons.

Rooftop tents feature better protection, safety, comfort, durability and a very unique camping experience compared to Ground tents which are not as useful and exciting as Rooftop tents.

Different types of Rooftop tents are manufactured by the top brands of the world as per the needs and demands of the campers around the world.

Ground tents were more spacious and bigger in sizes than Rooftop tents before. But now Rooftop tents of bigger sizes are manufactured as well. These contain Rooftop tents which have the capacity or space for even 6 persons at a time.

So, now a group of 6 friends or a family can enjoy a campsite in a single rooftop tent with all the joys which come with rooftop tents including higher off the ground position, warm and comfortable sleep.

For some rooftop tents you would need an Annex to create more space and sleep comfortably while the largest rooftop tents do not require Annex. They already have enough space for 6 persons at a time.

In this blog we have mentioned below the details and benefits of some rooftop tents which have space for 6 persons at a time to help you choose the best one as per your needs and desires.

Best six person Rooftop tents

  1. GentleTent Sky Loft
  • GentleTent Sky Loft is a soft shell rooftop tent which sleeps 6 persons at a time.
  • This incredibly spacious rooftop tent has a stable base and a number of tubes both inflatable and made up of Drop Stitch material.
  • The surface area of this rooftop tent is 134 x 79 inches which has room for as many as 6 persons at a time.
  • The weight of this rooftop tent is 49 kilos which is very less than the weights of other rooftop tents.
  • The original and actual weight of the GentleTent Sky Loft is very good for almost any car even a smaller one.
  • GentleTent Sky Loft rooftop tent has two mounting options depending on the car.
  • Longitudinal Mounting of this rooftop tent is done on Vans, buses and small cars requiring 3 roof racks for the installation.
  • Horizontal Mounting of this rooftop tent is done on bigger cars such as off-road cars, trucks or SUVs requiring two roof racks at a time for installation.
  • GentleTent Sky Loft rooftop tent has a very efficient aerodynamic profile and stays low compared to many rooftop tents.
  • The setting up of this incredible rooftop tent takes almost 10 minutes because it is inflatable and lighter in weight.
  • A 12V Compressor comes with this lovely inflatable rooftop tent which makes it very easier and simpler to set it up.
  • The inside of GentleTent Sky Loft rooftop tent has enough space to be divided into two rooms separated by a breathable curtain or wall.
  • This awesome rooftop tent is highly water and weatherproof. It is also resistant to harsh winds and storms providing safety even in extremely bad weather.
  • As a whole GentleTent Sky Loft is the largest rooftop tent in the world for the space it provides. At a time 6 persons can sleep easily and happily without needing an Annex in this beautifully spacious, cozy and comfortable rooftop tent.
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  1. Treeline Outdoors Redwood
  • Treeline Outdoors Redwood is the second largest rooftop tent in the market currently.
  • This traditionally beautiful rooftop tent can sleep 5 persons easily without an Annex.
  • Attaching an Annex with this rooftop tent increases the total space and hence more than 5 persons can sleep as well.
  • With an Annex attached, this rooftop tent is best for a group of 6 friends or a family.
  • The surface area of the rooftop tent is 95 x 88 inches which is enough space for 5 persons at a time.
  • Base of the rooftop tent is made up of light Aluminum honeycomb.
  • The material used in the making of the rooftop tent is Canvas mainly but in bulk because of which the mattress is thick as well as durable.
  • The weight of this rooftop tent is 104 kilos more than the rooftop tent mentioned above.
  • Solar panel can be installed on this rooftop tent making you able to use your own energy without any trouble of worrying about energy sources.
  • This rooftop tent also takes just a while in setting up or mounting upon the roof rack of the car.
  • The external of the tent has additional covering and coating resistant to rain, water, mild, mildew, UV rays etc.
  • Treeline Outdoors Redwood, the 4-season rooftop tent is a very safe, well-protected, durable and spacious rooftop tent best for Vans, Off-road cars, SUVs, Trucks, match of which can hardly be found.

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  1. Tuff Stuff Elite Overland
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  • Tuff Stuff Elite Overland is the third largest rooftop tent currently which can sleep 5 people maximum without an Annex and 6 people with an Annex attached.
  • This strong rooftop tent is made up of Aluminum, Polyurethane and Canvas.
  • The base of the rooftop tent is made up of Aluminum sheets covered in quality fabric and the remaining structure of polyurethane plastic and canvas.
  • Containing strong material used in bulk, this thick rooftop tent is durable and resistant to rain, water, mildew etc.
  • Tuff Stuff Elite Overland is also one of the safest rooftop tents providing bigger space with promising safety and protection as the tent is resistant to harsh winds, storms and bad weather at times.
  • Total weight of the tent is 88 kg which is not so bad for a bigger vehicle depending on the number of persons staying inside the tent.
  • The surface area or footprint of this lovely rooftop tent is 77 x 96 inches which is enough for 5 persons at a time.
  • Attaching an Annex will increase the total space of the tent and hence more than 5 persons can settle in it at a time.
  • Tuff Stuff Elite Overland is also a 4-season strong and durable rooftop tent which provides the joy and excitement to be close to nature with your friends or family.

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  • While buying any of these or other rooftop tents, do not forget to make sure the rooftop tent you are buying and its capacity is exactly as per your car’s capability and capacity.
  • Another important thing is sorting out the weight of the number of persons getting and sleeping in your rooftop tent. Any carelessness in this regard can cause your roof of the car getting harmed.
  • Driving becomes difficult with carrying largest and heaviest rooftop tents on the roof rack, so you have to be extra careful while carrying a rooftop tent on your car.
  • These bigger rooftop tents are not as durable, resistant and long-lasting as hard shell rooftop tents and that’s why they need additional care and maintenance after using them in a trip.
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